Sunday, September 26, 2010

Which State Creates The Most NFL Football Players?

Have you ever wondered which state has the most high school players that eventually make it to the NFL?
A recently study showed the state that produces the most NFL players is California. The states of Texas and Florida are close behind.

Surpisingly, Louisiana ranks sixth in this study but ranks 25th in total population. The state produces the highest per-capita rate with one NFL player for every 65,720 high school players. Mississippi follows next with one in every 76,883 and Hawaii after that with one in every 80,769. Even though California produces the most NFL players, they only produce one for every 175,163 players.

Here are how the states rank:

1. California 211
2. Texas 181
3. Florida 177
4. Ohio 85
5. Georgia 80
6. Louisiana 68
7. Pennsylvania 56
8. New Jersey 55
9. Michigan 53
10. Alabama 50
11. Virginia 50
12. South Carolina 46
13. Illinois 43
14. North Carolina 42

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