Monday, October 4, 2010

How To Jump Higher in Basketball These Tips Will Change Your Game Today

Do you want to learn How to Jump Higher when you play
basketball, you need to practice and use these methods and
it will improve your game substantially. Every exercise
that helps you to be able to jump higher will require your
dedication, time and hard work. Using your arms when you
jump is the first technique you should add, a good way to
develop the arm movements is to swing one's arms when
jumping. This provides momentum for the person once their
arms shoots in the air. This begins with having the arms
straight out. As the person bends down to jump, he or she
should start to swing their arms down. You should swing
your arms as high as possible once you explode into the
air. This is recommended because a person cannot jump as
high if they do not use your arms.

Next would be to figure out one's jumping style. This is a
crucial technique in knowing how a person can learn to jump
higher in basketball. Speed and power are the two primary
jumping styles you must consider. Once you know your style,
it allows you to customize your training so that you use
your specific talents.

For those whose style is more on Speed, it means that they
are a more natural and fluid jumper. The best description
for them would be lively and bouncy. In addition, people in
this category are typically better when it comes to jumping
off with one foot instead of two. Most players who are
shorter tend to be speed jumpers and are usually not
considered very strong - with some exceptions.

For those whose style is more on Power, it means that they
are more explosive jumpers who are able to jump using pure
strength. They are the powerful jumpers who have a natural
style that is better when they jump with two feet instead
of one. More often than not, power jumpers are bigger and
stronger compared to speed jumpers.

The best exercises for power jumpers would be to do some
exercises that entail a lot of movements as well as
plyometric workouts. Since power jumpers are already
equipped with natural strength, these workouts will enable
them to move correctly and be at par with speed jumpers in
that area.

It is very important to have a variety of exercises which
will help you increase your vertical and at the same time
work out other muscles. If you only do one exercise or
group of exercises your muscles become limited to what you
can improve as apposed to practiceing different exercises
that use the same muscles.

Intensity is also an important ingredient in working out.
By focusing on your goals any soreness or pain will be less
of a problem. It also coaches one's mind to focus and to
train harder. Lastly, it is good to remember that as a
person begins working out, they should feel free to grunt
and breathe loudly. This will allow you to not let the pain
bother you when you exercise. Some athletes have even
stated that making some noise allows them to lift five
pounds more as oppose to not making any sound.
In conclusion, one must try and apply these tips when they
begin to work out. This will enable the person to get the
most out of their work out routine and improves one's
vertical jump making it possible to jump higher in

Everyone that has played basketball has dreamed of dunking
the basketball. Just think how cool that would be. By
adding 6"-10" to your vertical leap you could be doing this
every time you play. Learn How to Jump Higher with the
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