Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coaching Park District Basketball - Choosing the Right Positions for the Kids

One of the most difficult jobs to perform when you are a
youth manager is assigning the correct children for the
correct positions. Always use the kid with the right
mentality instead of the assumed correct physical structure
for a certain position. This is crucial in soccer,
football and especially basketball. Often, a manager will
observe the size of a child instead of their ability when
assigning them a position - usually when deciding on a

Below is what I look at when assigning basketball positions:

Point Guard (PG or 1) - This inevitably must be the top
dribbler and passer on the squad. The ability to "see the
court" is a must(i.e. - observing plays as they form...)
is a vast requisite as well. The child you assign to the
Point Guard position needs to be a leader (this can be
gained throughout the year...) while having the ability to
execute the plays you design. This player needs to be
fast, while being capable to orchestrate a fast-break.

Shooting Guard (SG or 2) - The Two Guard is fast and can
dribble very good. The Two Guard may play some Point Guard,
especially on fast breaks, and must be able to run the
plays. The Shooting Guard needs to be one of your best
outside shooters and be able to drive the lane for a lay-up.

Small Forward (SF or 3) - Use the most aggressive child on
the squad here as he will be asked to drive the lane into a
crowd to make a lay-up or small jump shot. A top defender
and strong rebounder is needed at the Small Forward spot.
This child needs to be a good passer and able to do the
dirty work for the team.

Power Forward (PF or 4) - The Power Forward requires a
child not afraid of contact. He needs strength and courage
and he will be rebounding, setting screens and finishing
missed shots close to the basket. An aggressive trait is
what I look for in my Power Forward position.

Center (C or 5) - This is usually one of your taller
players, but not always your tallest child.. Outside
Shooting ans speed are a plus, but not necessary at the
Center position; your Center must be able to box opponents
out, set picks and create lanes or to look for a rebound.
Their shooting will be mostly under the basket after
getting an offensive rebound or shooting free-throws. Be
ready to coach up whomever you decide to make the Center.

In concluding, this is a guide for putting the proper kids
in the right spots. This post is for the younger ages and
player position assignments gets easier as the kids get
older - 10.

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