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WWF Wrestlers Owen Hart

This report will basically be about wrestlers that have
passed away or have retired. This first report will be
about Owen Hart. It will contain facts about his career and
my meaningless opinions on it. So on with the report!

Owen James Hart, better known as The Blue Blazer, was born
on May the 1965 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was the
youngest of 12 children. His father was the legendary Stu
Hart and his mother Helen Hart. But most of you guys would
have known that.

Owen worked in several wrestling promotions including his
father's very own federation, Stampede Wrestling, New Japan
Pro Wrestling, WCW and most recent WWF. He attained many
palamares in the WWF they were:

- 2 time Intercontinental Champion

- 1 time European Champion

- 4 time World Tag Team Champion

- 1994 King of the Ring.

He also attained many Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards:

- 5 star match. It was his steel cage match against Bret
Hart at Summerslam 1994.

- Best Flying Wrestler (1987 and 1988)

- Feud of the year (1997) With the Hart Foundation vs Steve

However wrestling wasn't Owen's first choice of a career.
Kind of shocking because if my dad was a professional
wrestler he would have stuck me in the local gym and enter
me in all these wrestling tournaments until I was as good
as he was. Fortunately and unfortunately my dad wasn't a
wrestler. Owen then trained in the famous Hart Dungeon and
he made his professional wrestling debut in his father's
federation in 1986.

2 years later Owen signed for the World Wrestling
Federation after fighting in Japan whilst still fighting
for his father's fed. He debuted as The Blue Blazer, a
superhero gimmick that World Wrestling Federation wanted.
Now I know a little about The Blue Blazer because I was
born in 1995 and the gimmick ended in 1991, when Owen
competed in a mascara contra mascara match against Mexican
wrestler El Canek after he left the World Wrestling
Federation after Wrestlmaina V.

So with The Blue Blazer gone, Owen rejoined the World
Wrestling Federation due to not being able to negotiate a
contract with WWW. He formed a tag team with his
brother-in-law Jim Neidhart, after Jim's tag with Bret Hart
broke up, known as The New Foundation. They only lasted one
PPV because Jim left the World Wrestling Federation. Owen
tagged with Koko B. Ware afterwards and again the team
lasted before it silently faded away. Then in 1993, one of
the biggest feuds in wrestling history started. Bret Hart
vs Owen Hart.

It started when Owen assisted Bret Hart in his feud against
Jerry Lawler. Jerry and Owen fought a lot on United States
Wrestling Association where most World Wrestling Federation
superstars are considered heels. Anyway Owen won the USWA
Unified Heavyweight Championship but it was never
acknowledged on television in World Wrestling Federation.
Owen's participation feud between World Wrestling
Federation vs USWA stopped because of knee injury. He
returned in the autumn of 1993 Bret tagged with Owen and
their brothers Bruce and Keith were scheduled to fight in
Survivor Series against Jerry Lawlers team. (Jerry was
replaced by Shawn Michaels) During the match Owen and Bret
crashed causing Owen to get eliminated. After the match
Owen confronted Bret while his mother watched at ringside.
They reunited but not for long.

Bret and Owen got a shot at the World Wrestling Federation
tag titles. The match was stopped due to Bret's injury.
Owen got frustrated and attacked Bret after the match. The
2 clashed several times but their highlight matches were
the steel cage match at Summerslam and the Lumberjack
match. However the most despicable thing that a man could
do happened. Owen conned his own mother to throw in the
towel for Bret Hart, making him lose his World Title to Bob
Backlund. The feud then died down.

Owen then tagged again. Jeez he loves his tags. He tagged
with returning British Bulldog. They won tag titles and
Bulldog won the European title after they faced each other
in the finals of the tournament. After that it seemed that
the Tag Titles meant nothing to them. Just when the 2
started to brawl, the recently turned heel Bret Hart
reminded them that family is all that matters so that came
the beginning of The Hart Foundation.

The Hart Foundation then held all the titles in the World
Wrestling Federation except for the World Championship.
Their dominance was surely cemented. However it wasn't all
fun and games for Owen has he and Bulldog lost the Tag
titles to Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. The team failed
to regain them when Michaels got injured and was replaced
with Dude Love. Owen then feuded with Stone Cold until
Summerslam where Owen botched a piledriver breaking
Austin's neck. World Wrestling Federation decided to make
the injury seem intentional. However with Austin's help
Owen regained his Intercontinental Title. Once Austin was
fit he faced Owen for the title and won. Later that night
The Montreal Screwjob took place. Bret left the company,
Bulldog and Anvil were granted quick releases to WCW. Owen
was gonna do the same but World Wrestling Federation
refused. Owen remained with the company.

Owen then stayed off TV until he made a surprise entrance
after Shawn Michaels retained his title against Ken
Shamrock. He started a feud with DX. His behaviour and
gimmick gave him the nickname "The Black Hart". HBK and
Hart feuded until Ken returned from injury and wanted
revenge against Owen. The two shared some matches and that
was that.

The last bit of action that Owen had was teaming with Jeff
Jarret. They was managed by Debra. Owen then accidently
injured someone else then it seems like he quit WWF.
However a little bit of Blue Blazer identity crisis and
Owen fell to his death on May 23rd 1999 from an entrance

So that's the main facts about Owen and his career. He is a
legend. You guys will most likely agree with me. But that's
it for this article. Read next week where my focus will be
on the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga.

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