Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do You Want To Play Better Golf Today

Have you even been to a pro golf tournament? If you really
want to play better golf, you should watch the pros up
close, and in person. The best way to do it is not to sit
in the stands, or stay in one spot seeing different golfers
hit one or two shots.

What you want to do is pick a group of players who you like
or think you can learn from, and walk the whole 18 holes
with them, Do not follow the leaders, because it will be
too hard to see all of their shots.

Follow someone who is not being watched by too many people,
Do not worry about seeing the best that weekend, because
everyone playing can play, and you can learn from them.
Learn how they play the course, not just how they swing the

Pay attention to the clubs they hit, and the type of shots
they hit. See when they hook the ball, or intentionally
slice the ball. Do they hit high shots, or low shots? They
all have a game plan, before they tee off. See how well
they stick to their game plan. When do they risk hitting a
difficult shot, and when do they play safe?

Once you reach a certain level with your golf swing, then
the game becomes a matter of who thinks best. Ever since
Tiger has been a pro golfer, he has been far and away, the
best thinker on the golf course. That is where he wins most
of his golf tournaments.

Have you noticed how many players fall apart when they are
near the lead the last round of the tournament? It is not
necessarily that they choke, but the nerves become hard to
manage, and the mind starts seeing nothing but trouble.

If you want to take your golf game up another level, then
you will need to know how to conquer your mind. For the
touring pros, the mental aspect of golf is the most
important. Who wins a golf tournament is usually dependent
on who makes the most putts, and putting is a matter of

When a golfer misses a couple of short putts, it leads to
more missed putts, and then puts pressure on the rest of
the game, and that usually leads to more bad shots. It goes
exactly the opposite when the putts are falling.

When you watch a golf tournament try to get into the mind
of the pros. What are they thinking? Think about being in
the same position. You want to have a swing like the pros,
but it is more important to have the mentality of the pros.

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