Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Reasons Kobe Bryant Is Better Than Lebron James

First and foremost, Kobe Bryant has a much more polished and refined game. He can score on you offensively innearly every way possible and do it consistently. This is something Lebron James has yet to show, especially from the outside. James has the ability to bully his way to the rimand that's what makes him most difficult to defend. Kobe Bryant can beat you off the dribble, shoot from anywhere onthe floor. He can take his defender in the post. Kobe Bryant simply has one of the greatest offensive games ever.

Secondly, Kobe Bryant is by far the more clutch player.When the game is on the line there is no other player inthe league I'd want taking that last shot for my team towin or tie the game. Bryant already this season has 5 game winning shots. He has ice water in his veins andabsolutely lives for those sorts of moments. While Lebron has made some game winners of his own over the course of his career, Kobe Bryant has done it with far more regularity.
Third, Kobe Bryant is the better defender. He is one ofthe top perimeter defenders in the league and is willing to take on the opposing teams best perimeter player. Kobe Bryant over the course of his career has shut down some ofthe best perimeter scorers while torching them on the otherend. While Lebron has made a name for himself with hischase down blocks, his man defense is still very shaky.

The fourth reason Kobe Bryant is a better player than Lebron James is Kobe's Bryant killer instinct. There hasbeen no player in the game since Michael Jordan who has the killer instinct that Kobe Bryant has. Kobe's will and desire towin and to be the best player ever is second to none.Lebron James has yet to display a killer instinct on thelevel of Kobe Bryant's.

The fifth and final reason Kobe is better than Lebron is his 4 to 0 advantage in championships. Along with the numerous record setting performances Kobe has had over thecourse of his career. The 81 point game and the game wherehe outscored the Mavs 62-61 through three quarters. Also when he hit 12 three pointers in one game. Scoring 55 points in one half. Kobe's one hundred, 40 point games. His record of scoring 50 points in four straight games. The list goes on and on and on. While Lebron is indeed a special talent, Kobe Bryant is still the better player.
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