Monday, April 19, 2010

David Ortiz is sued by rapper Jay-Z

Boston Red Sox's Big Papi has not started the new baseball season off very well. So far he is only hitting .154 and he has 13 strikeouts in 26 at-bats this season. Now he is being sued by rapper Jay-Z who is a big fan of Boston Red Sox's biggest rival the New York Yankees.

David Ortiz opened a nightclub in Santo Domingo which is in his native Dominican Republic home. He named his new nightclub "Forty-Forty". This has made Jay-Z upset because he has a line of sports lounges with the name of "40/40 Club". Apparantly Jay-Z feels this is way to close to his club's names and has sued Ortiz. According to Jay-Z's website, he had pick the name of his clubs because "the 40/40 club in baseball is as exclusive as it gets" referring to a 40 homer and 40 steal season. The lawsuit claims that Ortiz has visited the 40/40 Club so he is fully aware of the club and the name.

We wonder if Jay-Z would have filed this lawsuit if one of his favorite Yankees players opened a club with the name that Ortiz used? Hopefully Ortiz's season will pick up soon.

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