Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will Bernie Williams Return to the Yankees?

Bernie Williams signed with the New York Yankees on his 17th birthday in 1985 and has been with the Yankees ever since. Has his time and welcome expired?

Williams has not been seen during physicals and Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman does not expect Williams to show up anytime soon if at all. "It appears he made his decision. That's all I can take from it. I'm assuming at this stage that he's not coming, " stated Cashman.

Williams entered the majors for the Yankees in 1991. It is reported that Williams is hurt that he was not guaranteed a spot on the Yankees regular-season roster after providing the Yankees with a long and dedicated career. Several moves in the roster gives the impression that Williams may be out. Williams does not want to play for another team, but it appears that he won't be playing for the Yankees either.

Will Williams retire this year if he is not given a spot on the Yankees' roster, or will he go ahead and play for another team. Which team could he benefit the most?

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