Monday, August 9, 2010

Sports Fans - Do You Hear the HD Channels Calling?

Regardless of where you are in America, regardless of which
home you walk into, somewhere you will find a sports fan.
Whether they like baseball or football, hockey or tennis,
auto racing or track and field, sports is enjoyed
everywhere. And with the advent of HD TV, not only is it
being enjoyed, its being enjoyed in ways never before

No one denies that being at the park or in the stands is
the best way to see a game, but watching it on your HDTV
allows you to be up close and personal with the players,
fans, and even the ball. Being in the stands at a baseball
game, sharing the camaraderie of other fans and the smells
and tastes of being there is one thing, but being able to
really see the action makes a huge difference. Watching
the ball leave the pitcher's hand, arcing gracefully into
the catcher's mitt or flying off the end of the bat can't
be enjoyed quite the same way as it is when you watch it on

But the enhancements that HD brings to the screen make that
difference even more striking. The picture on the screen is
so clear, it's been said you can count the blades of grass
in the outfield with the right camera angle or see the
seams on a split-finger fastball. And with the added real
estate on the screen, more statistics and information can
be displayed without disrupting the picture. This means
that not only can you keep track of the game you're
watching or the drivers on the track you need to see, but
broadcasters can actually sell more advertising space on
their in-screen billboards. While ads may be annoying, they
most certainly do make great games and other sporting
events possible.

While baseball is America's Sport, the other great sports
like skiing, tennis, basketball and even track events gain
even more impact from HD. With the crispness of the
picture, you can almost feel like you're on a ski slope,
watching a downhill slalom event, or in the stands watching
World Cup soccer at its finest. Tennis takes on a whole new
dimension with HDTV, making it look like you're standing on
the court, waiting for a serve.

There are endless ways that HDTV enhances your sports
experience. From amazing picture quality to more channels
than ever before, high definition television allows you to
watch sports in ways never possible before. You feel like
you are on the field. But for just a few dollars invested
in an HDTV, you too can be watching sports events in HD
today. Many satellite providers have great deals on
programming and will even toss in free HD receivers and
DVR's simply because you subscribed. HDTV is easier than
ever before to acquire, and even more enjoyable than ever.

As a self-processed "computer geek", Jon Harwokey likes
having all of the latest gadgets. With HDTV, he can combine
his love of technology with his love of all things sports.
At default.aspx he signed
up for DISH Network's free HD and is gearing up for
football season. With remote in hand, he will be glued to
the screen before the coin toss.

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