Sunday, August 22, 2010

PC Golf Games 101

Every year numerous new PC golf games are released. As they
are a popular sector of the PC gaming community, plenty of
user reviews can be found online, allowing the avid PC golf
gamer to make, informed decisions when they're on the
lookout to buy a new PC golf game.

Many of the games available to buy are endorsed by some of
the world's biggest players who are payed millions of
dollars to have their names and faces emblazoned on the
game. These endorsements are more than just a marketing
trick. Often the endorsers have been involved in the
development of the game and provided a wealth of hands-on
insight - it's like having one on one coaching with a
golfing champion! New users are often amazed by the depth
of knowledge provided by the voice overs and tutorials in
PC Golf Games. So as well as being immensely fun to play,
one may find one learns plenty at the same time.

When you first embark on a new PC Golf Game, you might
first be confused and frustrated by the controls. They do
need a certain degree of co-ordination in order to
influence the realistic physics on the club and ball. Once
you have the hang of it though, you can relax into the game
and begin to enjoy the thoughtful details created by the
game designers; sound effects such as birdsong and the
depressing plop as your ball lands in that annoying water
hazard. Nevermind the details of your avatar - depending
on the game you can choose to fashion one of your own, or
choose to play with one of the world's biggest golfing

What differentiates one PC Golfing Game better than
another? This is a tough question to answer and generally
boils down to personal preference. One basic make or break
element is easy to learn and execute controls. Though it
may take time to master well designed controls, badly
designed ones will leave a gamer feeling constantly
unsatisfied. Therefore you should allow a few sessions with
the game in order to determine whether the controls are
right for you. If, after hours of trying you find yourself
still frustrated, perhaps the game is letting you down, a
perfect time to blame your tools: a case of bad clubs, not
a bad golfer! Apart from controls, as a gamer one must
decide what is is they want from a game: high performance
graphics, realistic scenery and physics, a sense of humour.
Undoubtedly, with a bit of shopping around (not to mention
browsing reviews on the internet), one can find the perfect
fit - a PC Golf Game that ticks all your own boxes.

It's also useful to look at screen shots, video demos, and
sometimes to download the free demo version of a game
before you choose to buy. Above all else, these things will
help you make an informed decision before purchasing one
golf game over another.

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