Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Golf Camp Counselors Make All the Difference For Your Child

Sending your child to a summer sports camp is one of the
best ways to help foster a mature, positive attitude and
viewpoint on life. Not only does the child progress at the
sport, but he or she also learns valuable life lessons that
can only be discovered in such a setting. When it comes
time to look for that perfect summer golf camp, a lot of
people are swayed by fancy buildings and equipment. The
fact is, you can have all the fancy equipment in the world
and still be doing a disservice to the children if their
camp counselors aren't up to par.

With quality counselors, there's no need to have pro
golfers around. They are what make summer golf camp worth
attending, and can be instrumental in helping the child
achieve his or her goals. In general, quality counselors
are very highly skilled in the game, and are able to
provide answers to whatever questions campers may have.
Even more important than their experience, however, is the
fact that they possess the right personality for the job.
Quality counselors are talkative, helpful and

Summer golf camp is an excellent way to instill pride and a
sense of accomplishment in your child. Children are grouped
according to gender and age in order to provide them with
the most comfortable experience possible. If your child is
new to the game, it's crucially important that counselors
be highly skilled in the basics of the game, as this is
what should be focused on at a summer golf camp. How to
plan a swing (and swing correctly), reading the course,
choosing the right club - these are the basic tenets of
golf that should be focused on most often during the
program. By sharing their knowledge and background, good
counselors can drastically improve the quality of your
child's experience.

Summer golf camp is all about teamwork and leadership - two
very important skills that one can carry with them
throughout the rest of their life. By introducing fun and
innovative methods, such as games like Capture the Flag,
counselors can introduce teamwork to kids on a whole other
level than golf.

Great summer sports camp counselors will employ teaching
methods that are both fun and challenging for the child,
ensuring that he or she gets the most out of the
experience. From chess to fishing, a well-rounded program
will challenge and encourage maturation in your child's
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seven nearby courses and participate in activities from
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