Monday, August 2, 2010

Crossbow Hunting - Some Tips to Make Your Hunting Trip a Success

In order to make your crossbow hunting trip a successful
one rather than one in which you come back home empty
handed, here are a few quick tips you should pay close
attention to. First, don't go after the deer, but rather,
let the deer come to you. Walking through the woods will
cause rustling noises that will easily scare the deer away
from the area, causing you to have a pretty disappointing
day. This is why it is always best to hunt from either a
ground blind or from a tree stand. A good rule of thumb to
follow is to position yourself roughly 20 yards away from a
trail where deer are active, facing upwind. This will give
you the best opportunity for a well aimed, close shot at an
animal that is fairly relaxed.

Something else that will help you succeed on your crossbow
hunting trip is to know the ins and outs of the deer
anatomy. Obviously, you will not need to know every single
thing about where which parts are located inside of the
deer, but it will really help to know the location of vital
organs. Knowing the location of the lungs will really help
you land a shot, especially one that ends up going through
both lungs, which will kill the animal in a matter of
seconds. If you know exactly where you are supposed to be
aiming, this will help you to set up the angle in which you
are shooting from as well.

Something that hunters might forget about, especially when
crossbow hunting for whitetail deer, is that their nose is
a very powerful instrument. In fact, it is their number one
line of defense. If a deer smell's you, then you most
likely will never end up seeing that particular animal. If
the wind is blowing your scent toward a deer, especially an
older and wiser deer, it is actually pretty incredible how
far away they can be and still pick up the human scent. Be
sure to take a shower before heading out and make sure to
use only non-scented soap. This goes for deodorant as well.
Make sure when crossbow hunting, that the equipment you are
using is ideal for the type of animal you will be hunting.
You will have to know the strengths of your equipment, as
well its limitations. For example, animals with heavy bones
will require a broadhead with a fixed blade. If you need
better accuracy, an expandable broadhead may work better
for you.

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