Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fantasy Football Auction-Why You Should Stay Away From Them

The whole reason why fantasy football was invented was to
give every Joe and Jane the opportunity to build and play
their own team. When you play in a league that has a
fantasy football auction draft, you really take away the
spirit of the game. Here's why you should stay away from a
league that forces players to draft using an auction format.

For years before fantasy sports became a household
addiction, many fans were in search of a way to put
together their own teams of players from different teams.
It was this yearning that spawned the game of fantasy

The whole point of fantasy sports is to open the world of
NFL football ownership, management and championships to
everyone. Those who would be winners would usually know
more about the NFL than others, but even owners of bad
teams can still look forward to seeing who they end up with
in their draft.

Getting the players you like when other people pass them up
is the basics of winning the championship, but in a fantasy
football auction draft everyone who wants a particular
player has to bid on them. This is an annoying, time
consuming process that I can't imagine any true fantasy
football fan getting involved in. What puzzles me is that
people do actually join these types of leagues.

Drafting your team is the best part of the game. Sure
winning each week helps too, but the draft is your first
major win. Bidding on players in an auction detracts from
the whole intent of the game. There are hundreds of regular
leagues available so stay away from the auction draft

You draft your team, everybody else does the same, and then
you're ready to play. No waiting hours upon hours for bid
after bid to come in on over a hundred players.

I know that there are some fantasy fans that are going to
disagree, so I just need to ask why? The fact that some
people love a fantasy auction draft really makes no sense
to me? What's the added bonus that you're missing out on by
simply joining a normal league with a normal draft? PPR
leagues, love 'em, IDP leagues, bring 'em on, any league
with a fantasy football auction draft, sorry, I'll pass. It
just seems like fishing with a perforated pole.

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