Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fantasy Football Advice-Three Fantasy Football Drafting Tips

Fantasy football is part skill, part research, and part
luck. The more attention you give to the skill and
research, though, will greatly reduce the amount of luck
you need. Fielding a good fantasy team is remarkably
different than fielding a real team, and taking advantage
of those differences will give your fantasy team the
winning edge. The following three secrets seem to be
obvious, but you would be surprised how many fantasy
players get caught with losing teams because they missed
these three simple tactics.

Always Draft a Backup for the Big Star

It can be tempting to draft a superstar running back and
then spend your attention on other elements of the team
because the running back position is all sewn up. If you
were able to draft Adrian Peterson, for example, you'd feel
pretty comfortable with your running game. What happens
when your star player suffers a broken toe in the third
game of the season, though? If you never chose another
quality player to back him up, you suddenly have no talent
covering that part of the game. Fill each position on your
roster with at least two quality players in case one breaks

Keep Trading After the Draft is Over

Once the initial draft is over and the season starts,
you'll probably feel pretty good about the team you've put
together. Don't forget to keep an eye on trade offers and
deals during the season, though. Look for opportunities to
trade someone who is under performing for someone who is
having a great year. Injuries can be a big game changer as
well. Don't be afraid to mix up the line-up every now and
then. If you mix it up a little as the season goes on,
you'll have better opportunities to win more games.

A Great Offensive Line Makes Any Quarterback Look Good

Everyone is always interested in getting the best
quarterbacks in the league. The truth is, however, that
every NFL quarterback is going to score some points almost
every single week. Don't waste your time chasing the big
name quarterback that everyone wants. Find a competent
quarterback that plays for a team that has a powerful
offensive line. Don't sweat it if you have a mediocre
quarterback as its likely he will still score plenty of
points to keep you on the winning side. A season of
consistent mid-level performance will always outscore a
season of big games every third week.

To review, keep these concepts under your hat and you'll
play fantasy football to win. Get more FREE fantasy
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