Monday, June 28, 2010

Golf: Shooting in the 70's

I remember when I first attempted to play a round of golf,
how frustrating it was and how much I disliked it. The only
reason for my ill feelings were because I was very bad at
it. I could not understand that, because I was very good in
all other sports, like football, basketball and baseball.
Why was I so bad at golf? So I decided to actually practice
this sport and before long, I was getting better. I learned
quickly that becoming frustrated when I hit a bad shot was
a very big nono. So I then read a book and put these
suggestions to practice.

7 Golf tips on how to improve your next round of golf!

1. PREPARE LIKE A PRO: Show up an hour before your tee time
so you can check your golf equipment. Are your golf clubs,
golf balls, golf shoes clean? STRETCH! Warm up, then check
your golf swing mechanics. Hit the putting green,then head
over to the driving range. Now you're ready to tee off!

2. STAY FOCUSED: All through out the day concentrate on
"the shot at hand". Pay no mind to past shots or future
shots, or you will end up some where you don't want to be.
If you do hit a bad shot, (we all do) let it go or it will
ruin your whole round. Remember golf is a very mental game.

important golf shot of the day, and it will dictate how you
play your round. Think about it, if you smash it right down
the middle of the fairway your going to be enthused to
play. If not your mindset will be one of doubt. So relax,
have fun and believe!

4. READING THE GREENS: When your shooting the second shot
you may need to figure out how the golf ball is going to
roll. Squat down and take a look, this will give you an
alternate view so you can measure distance and gauge the
speed of the golf ball. If your foursome is hitting before
you, take notice of how they played their shots, and adjust
your play from their results.

5. DON'T HIT UP! Let it roll man let it roll! Almost all
golfers make the mistake of chipping the ball high in the
air, why? (I did this too) But really if you limit your
back swing and punch it, you will find it way easier to
gauge. Think about it; a rolling golf ball, or a bouncing
golf ball!

6. PUTTING ON A DIME: When you are practicing your putting.
Go ahead and place a dime anywhere on the putting green,
and drop seven or eight golf balls all around in different
spots. Then try to putt as close as you can to the dime
from the different spots. A smaller object (the dime), will
allow you to get a feel for the speed of the green. It also
will allow you to find the "middle" of the cup. Remember 3
and 4 putting will always kill a good drive all of the time.

7. PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE: If there is one sport that
you have to practice to get better at, it is GOLF! There
are so many ways to fail, if you are not tuned in. Clearing
your mind before heading out, and visualizing a great round
is a necessity for less stress and better golf. Putting,
chipping, golf swing,and balance all have to be considered.
Remember even Tiger Woods needs to practice, and even he
falls short sometimes.

As I stated in the beginning, I was terrible at golf. Then
I picked up a book and learned how not to be so terrible.
If you're a beginner, man golfer or woman golfer,
intermediate or pro, you really should check out this site.
There is so much more FREE tips and FREE bonuses to help
you with your golf game

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