Monday, June 28, 2010

Golf - A Golf Swing Tip

Well golfers, summer is on its way, and most weekend "golf"
warriors are hitting the links. There are ways to enjoy
this wonderful game, which entail golf strategies for
recreation or progress. I myself have always struggled with
wanting to pound out a 400 yard drive, being that I'm a big
guy, but let's face it- Tiger Woods and the boys on the
tour even hook or slice at times.

It all starts with timing. Good timing brings accuracy from
the tee, and this is where one must begin to improve their
golf swing. Shorten your back swing by stopping your
shoulder turn when your arms start going back naturally. If
you don't you will get in trouble at the top if you keep
going. Stay parallel, and eliminate over turning by keeping
your hands away from your head, as far as possible. When
you keep your feet planted, you will also find that this
holds your lower half and stops you from swaying.

When striking the golf ball your arms and body must move as
one. Meaning the arms and chest have to move together while
in your down swing. Focus on this while remembering to
maintain the "triangle" formed by the chest and arms into
impact. It should be the only time in your golf swing when
your arms are perfectly straight and your swinging at top
speed. Also be mindful not to move your hips too quick.

To generate a powerful golf swing. You need to increase
club head speed and shift your weight properly. Your right
foot should rise slightly off the ground while the left
leg, should straighten in your down swing. The arms should
straighten also as you approach impact. Next, your belly
button should go past your shoulders as you start to rotate
your body. DO NOT engage your hands until right before
impact. Keep your head BEHIND the golf ball at impact.
These are some golf tips for you to implement in your golf
game if you are having problems with your golf swing.

To hit the golf ball with consistent accuracy always do
your best to control your breathing. I would suggest even
before you address the golf ball that you breath deeply. In
and out, at least three times. This will relax you to the
point of becoming centered and focused on exactly what you
need to do. Execute your golf swing!
A consistent golf swing is just a piece of the puzzle to
this great game. Practice and competent instruction will
always be invaluable. I've implemented tips and videos from
an expert on golf. He has helped countless weekend
warriors, amateurs, and even pros to improve. There's a
world of tips, plus bonus after bonus, and even a weekly
newsletter. I believe if you want to get better, this is a
must, go here

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