Tuesday, May 4, 2010

YouTube Clips Assist The Cleveland Browns In Finding A New Player

The Cleveland Browns must be desperate in searching for someone who can play football and can assist the team for the 2010 season. They are in such a need that they have resorted to searching YouTube clips for their next player.

While they searched the YouTube site, the found Joel Reinders who s 6'7", 320 pounds, and plays offensive tackle. Without any other information beside the YouTube clip that shows Reinders in a couple of plays, the Cleveland Browns signed him as an undrafted free agent. It's even more amazing once you find out that Reinders has only played eight organized football games in his life all of which were at the University of Waterloo in Oakville, Ontario, Canadan. Reinders is attanding the University on a basketball scholarship.
Even though Reinders has been signed on, he still has to make the team. Based on the video, it appears that he has some ability to play the position and his size doesn't hurt any. The Browns will probably need to spend a couple of years with him to develop him into an NFL player, but once that is done, Reinders will develop into a great offsenive lineman.

Reinders' uncle had played in the NHL with Wayne Gretzky. Reinders also played hockey for eight years before moving onto basketball. During his freshman and sophomore years at Waterloo he played on the basketball team and then took his junior year off. When he returned to sports his senior year, he decided to pursue football.
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