Friday, August 22, 2008

Is Anquan Boldin Leaving the Birds Nest?

Rumors are starting to circulate about Anquan Boldin and his chances of being a Arizona Cardinal this year.  We have always liked Boldin and have had him on our fantasy team almost every year he has been a pro.  
Based on the rumors, the Philadelphia Eagles may be pursuing Boldin.  There are also rumors that the Dallas Cowboys are wanting him even more.  Boldin has three more years left on his contract for about $12 million.  Boldin's companion Larry Fitgerald had signed a four-year deal worth $40 million with $30 million guaranteed in the off season.
This may be the reason why there are rumors that Boldin will be leaving.  Boldin's salary is much smaller than Fitzgerald and he could possibly raise his worth by going to another team.
Boldin's number would most definitely rise in fantasy football if he went to either the Cowboys or the Eagles.  Could you imagine the damage he would cause the opposing team if he was catching passes from McNabb or Romo? We'll see - he'll hopefully be on our fantasy team again this year.
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