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Buying and Collecting Sports Memorabilia: Tips You Can Use

When it comes to profitable and exciting hobbies, collecting sports memorabilia has to rank near the top of the list. Maybe you've always had an interest in sports teams and related products, and perhaps you collected ball cards or ball accessories as a kid. Today, even many adults collect products reflecting their favorite teams. Some even buy and sell sports collectibles as a business. Whatever your passion, here are some helpful tips for collecting and buying sports memorabilia.

Learn about the Industry and Team History

Sports collectibles have been around for many decades, but that doesn't mean all "old stuff" is worth anything. The best thing you can do before you go around buying all sorts of products is to study the industry and history of your sports interest. There's no way of telling how much an item will be worth, but doing your homework can help you avoid wasting your money on lots of worthless items.

If you have a favorite ball team, study the history of players and find out which ones were the best in their day. Also, find out which players had something unique to happen in their lives or while playing on the team. Sometimes, one unusual event or a unique skill can drive up the price of a player's card tremendously. Study coaches, rookies, and special edition cards or other memorabilia.

Once you know what you're looking for, you can start searching online, or at yard sales and flea markets for certain items. You might have to buy a whole collection of sports memorabilia to obtain one valuable collector's item, but it will be well worth the investment.

Shop with Reputable Dealers - Online or Off-line

Find several reputable dealers that sell authentic signed memorabilia and other high-quality sports products. Shop with the dealers you trust. Beware of scams online - dealers that cannot show proof of authenticity on high-dollar items. Also, beware of those who might try to pass off sports memorabilia with forged signatures. If you have a bad feeling about a product or dealer, don't take the risk.

Take Proper Care of Your Sports Memorabilia

Signed collectibles should be protected at all times and kept in a dry area of your home or business. Avoid packing items away in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Instead, store sports collectibles in plastic sealed containers that cannot be accessed by bugs, spiders, or mice. Store your collectibles at room temperature, away from moisture or direct sun exposure, if you want to keep items in top condition.

For items on display, it's wise to use safe, sturdy display cases. Many online sports dealers sell a variety of display cases, so it should be easy to find one to suit your needs. Be sure to secure breakables where they cannot fall or get scratched or broken easily. Keep them secured from pets as well. If you display items out in the open, a cat or dog could easily knock the items over and break them, or even chew on them!

If you own very high-dollar sports collectibles, check with your homeowners or business insurance agency to see if these items are covered in your policy in case of fire, theft, or other unforeseen events. If not, you might want to add an extra policy to cover these items.

Signed memorabilia and other sports products also make great gifts for any occasion. You can easily go online to choose items based on your loved one's favorite sports team such as a jersey, a signed ball card, a blanket with a team logo, coins, artwork, or other products.

Whether you collect sports memorabilia for pleasure or business, you can visit an online dealer to find a variety of products without ever leaving your home or office. Don't be too hasty, but take time to think over a big purchase. You'll soon have a sports collection you can be proud to call your own!
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