Friday, July 27, 2007

Nike & Reebok Take Measures Into Their Own Hands

Michael Vick's world seems to be crashing down on him right now.  Not only is he not allowed to be with his teammates during training camp, and is facing federal charges for his alleged dog fighting activities, he is now on the verge of losing his lucrative deal with Nike.  He is also probably one of the first athletes to have his jersey pulled from shelves as Reebok (who happens to be the official uniform supplier of the NFL) is halting any sales of Vick's No.7 jersey.  Reebok is allowing stores to return Vick's jerseys for refunds. 
Reebok does not have any endorsement deals with Vick at this time.
Several animal-rights groups have protested due to the animal cruelty activities that have occurred on Michael Vick's property.  Due to the pressures by these groups, Nike decided to suspend their endorsement deal with Vick without pay.  They have also halted sales of all Vick-related shoes and other products from their retail stores.  Nike has left the door open for Vick in case he is found not guilty of the charges.
All of this news came today.  Michael Vick had made his initial appearance in federal court yesterday and had pled not guilty to several federal charges. 
These are great moves as it sends a message to other athletes who walk on the wild side and think they will not have any repercussions. 
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