Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is Michael Vick Done In The NFL?

Is Michael Vick done in Atlanta - or in the NFL for that matter?  
The Atlanta Falcons will be starting their training camp today without their beloved quarterback.  Pro Bowl Quarterback Michael Vick is scheduled to appear in Federal Court today to answer up on dog fighting charges.  Vick can't be in two places at once, so he will not be at training camp.
Even if Vick wanted to attend training camp, he couldn't.  Vick has been banned from the facilities and from camp while the NFL conducts its own investigation into this matter.  Vick was originally looking at being suspended by the Atlanta Falcons for four games which is the maximum allowed.  The Falcons decided not to suspend Vick at the behest of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who has the right to impose even stricter penalties.  
Michael Vick is facing up to six years in Federal prison for several animal rights violations that had occurred on his property.  The 18-page Federal indictment details the hanging, drowning, shooting and electrocution of dogs on Vick's property.  Vick contends that he was not aware of what was occurring on his property.
The dogfighting events that have been described on Vick's property is absolutely horrific and despicable.  
It is our prediction that Vick is done in the NFL.  Vick will be prosecuted, convicted and will probably serve time in the Federal prison system.  Vick broke NFL records by becoming the first quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards, but he will not be able to runaway from this and his athleticism will not assist him in anyway. 
While Vick is preoccupied, former Detroit Lions Quarterback Joey Harrington will take over the controls of the Atlanta Falcons. 

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