Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update on Pacman Jones' Legal and Criminal Woes

This can be one of the most interesting tales to follow. Pacman Jones of the Tennessee Titans is facing criminal charges, felony and misdemeanor, in the triple shooting that occurred outside a nightclub in Las Vegas last February.
The charges that could be filed against Jones are Felony Coercion and Misdemeanor Threat and Battery. 
Police Lt. George Castro has stated his detectives have yet to determine who fired the shots that wounded three people, one critically, outside the Las Vegas Minxx club during the NBA All-Star game weekend. Two of the club's security guards were shot. One of them is now paralyzed from the waist down. The third person is an unidentified female. 
Castro stated that the charges will be submitted to the Clark County Attorney's Office by the end of the week. Charges will also be sought against two of Jones' friends who were present.
Castro stated that the coercion charges stem from allegations that Jones and his two friends used force "to prevent security officers from protecting the public, employees, and property" inside the club. Castro described Jones as an instigator of a scuffle inside the club. 
The County Attorney and the Titans are currently not making any statements until further information is obtained and because this is still an active investigation.
The club's co-owner has stated that Jones threatened to kill a bouncer after the bouncer intervened when Jones allegedly attacked a dancer who grabbed money off the stage. The dancers had been showered with thousands of dollars.
The Titans have not invited Jones to the team's offseason conditioning program. Will they drop Jones from their team because of this incident and others before this?
In August 2006, Jones got into trouble and was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. The judge told Jones to stay out of trouble until July 5, 2007 in order to have these charges expunged. Don't think Jones made that date.
Jones also has charges pending from a February 2006 case in Georgia where he bit a Fayetteville Police Officer between his thumb and index finger. Jones had been charged with obstructing police.
My prediction is that Jones will be released by the Titans and no other team will want to gamble on his off field extra curricular activities.

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