Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Night Football & Joe Theismann Part Ways

After only one season on Monday Night Football, it appears that Joe Theismann has been let go and will not be around in 2007.

It is reported that newswriters contacted Theismann by phone but he declined to comment "until I fully understand what has taken place" and he hinted that the news came as a shock.

An ESPN spokesman declined to comment and stated they had nothing to announce.

Newsday reported that Theismann may be replaced by Ron Jaworski who had worked one Monday Night game last year and is currently calling Arena League games.

During the 2006 season, critics claimed there was a lack of chemistry between Theismann and Tony Korhnheiser. It appeared that this chemistry improved as the year progressed and even at the end of the year, Korhnheiser stated he would return in 2007. This lead people to believe that the trio of Monday Night Football would all return. Apparantly that is not the case.
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