Monday, February 12, 2007

Twins & Mauer Agree to $33 Million Deal

It's done and Minnesota fans feel grateful. Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins agree on a 4-year contract worth $33 million dollars! This is the second largest contract in Twins history and locks Mauer in his hometown until 2010. It's second only to Johan Santana's $40 million deal signed in 2005.

Mauer was set to go to arbitration for Tuesday February 12. Mauer had flown to Arizona last Saturday to prepare for the arbitration and visit with friends. However, when he landed, he discovered that the Twins agreed to avoid arbitration and signed his contract. This is a guaranteed contract to boot.

Here's the breakdown on his contract:

1st year: $3.75 million

2nd year: $6.25 million

3rd year: $10.5 million

4th year: $12.5 million

Mauer has had the time of his life. He has yet to turn 24 and he is already a mult-millionaire set for life. He also became the first catcher to win an American League batting title last year when he batted .347.

Mauer is now the only Twins player under contract for 2010 which is the year the new ballpark is scheduled to open.

Way to go Twins! Minnesota fans are very ecstatic that our hometown hero will be staying for awhile!

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