Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is the New England Patriots’ Dynasty Finished, or will Tim Tebow Lead a Revival?

The last year in which the New England Patriots had a losing season was 2000. Since then, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have established a dynasty resulting in 3 Super Bowl titles, 10 AFC East Division Championships, and an unforgettable run or power. But there is a hope for the Patriots’ many haters, who’ve become accustomed to shadow of dominance laid by New England, and that is the regrettable amount of offseason distractions and personnel changes that could threaten the very core of the Patriots team. Will this great team finally succumb and crumble, or will another year of magic and continued success be performed that keeps them in Super Bowl contention? Perhaps there is a secret weapon that lies in wait for the 2013 NFL Season on this roster…
Questions have emerged surrounding the receiving group for the Patriots. Gone is speedy slot receiver Wes Welker, who signed with the Denver Broncos this offseason, handing rival Peyton Manning yet another weapon. Gone is tight end Aaron Hernandez, who is currently in jail under 1st degree murder charges. Who knows if he will ever play in the NFL again? Questions also surround the other tight end Rob Gronkowski, whose back injury leaves his availability in serious doubt.
It seems that Tom Brady will have to lead what could be one of his final NFL Seasons with a makeshift package of receiving options, considering how his best targets from last year seem to be disappearing at a rapid rate. This could surely be the breaking point in his otherwise stellar career.
I have another theory though: Tim Tebow. No, Tebow will not usurp Brady’s starting role anytime soon, but Tebow has the ability to fit in for a strong role on the Patriots offense, especially in this time of great need. What Tim Tebow brings to the Patriots is an element of the system that has grown very popular in the NFL over the last 12 months, the read-option. Quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, and Russell Wilson have largely revolutionized the position, and Tebow may just do the same with the Patriots, just not primarily at quarterback.
Imagine, Tim Tebow lining up as a fullback or tight end, receiving a hand off from Brady, and then using the read option, perhaps passing or making a strong burst on the ground for positive yards…
Tebow displayed his knack for playmaking with the Denver Broncos two years ago as the starting quarterback, but he is clearly talented and dedicated enough to perform a similar feat with the Patriots. This could bring a very intriguing element to an offense that is under severe threat of going cold.
Another benefit to an expanded Tim Tebow role on the offense is that it turns what was once a general weakness into a strength on this roster. Brady has always been a poor runner, and although his passing is Hall of Fame worthy, his inability to stretch plays holds the team back. Tebow has that ability, and if used well could add a new dimension to this team. His presence on the field will at least ask the question of NFL defenses.
If anyone can perform magic with this offense it is head coach Bill Belichick. When Tom Brady tore his ACL in 2008, the team turned to Matt Cassel and still won 11 games! I have no doubt that the Patriots will be able to contend this season, regardless of who is catching passes. My one speculation though is that Tim Tebow will be returning to the NFL spotlight after making a tremendous impact with his new team!
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