Monday, July 29, 2013

AAA Sports Memorabilia Will Turn You into a True Football Fan

The NFL season is just around the corner and that means football fans are looking to outfit their dens or man caves for upcoming football parties with the latest and greatest sports memorabilia. Any football fan sports the colors of their team every Sunday, but a true fan has all the bragging rights. A true fan likely has a signed photograph of MVP Aaron Rodgers during Super Bowl XLV above their 72” flat screen. A true fan would probably also be sporting a hand signed Barry Sanders jersey to commemorate a legend and remember a time when it was not as difficult to be a Lions fan, but you are better than the bandwagon -a true Detroit fan.
Stay true to your colors. Whether it has been awhile since your team has even seen hope of the playoffs or they recently made it all the way, a true football fan sticks by his team. Don’t be a glory hunter, constantly switching which team you support or only picking teams predicted to be in the Super Bowl. Don’t wear cheap looking replica jerseys or flimsy looking bargain basement hats. You are representing your hometown team. Show some pride. Don’t you dare drop off half way through the season when things might start to look doomed. You stand by your team through and through in your Braylon Edwards autographed jersey. And if you are from New York pick a side already, Giants or Jets.  
When preseason starts Sunday are you going to be ready? In addition to your amazing memorabilia you are going to need a way to watch every game, every Sunday, to keep up with all the guys on your fantasy teams. The best option for watching the game in Dallas all the way from Miami, Hall of Fame weekend, is DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.  Check it out at NFL Sunday Ticket allows a true fan to keep an eye on the competition and there is never a bye week when the whole league is at your fingertips. You can even setup your fantasy roster with NFL Sunday Ticket, so big play alerts and updates in real time show up right on your TV screen.
Between your recently purchased Derrick Ward signed mini helmet and your new subscription to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket you are ready to be a true fan. All that is left to be done is heat up the nacho cheese and tap the keg, because friends are going to want to see what a true fan looks like on Sunday.    
Author Bio: Blake Meredith is a sports and entertainment blogger for She currently resides in Chicago, IL despite staying true to being a Detroit Lions, Redwings, and Tigers fan. When not writing about sports, Blake enjoys cult classic and sci-fi films.
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