Tuesday, May 28, 2013

San Antonio Spurs Sweep their Way to the NBA Finals

San Antonio Spurs Signature Court
The San Antonio Spurs have a perfect record in the NBA Finals, winning all 4 of the championships they have reached. Since 1999, the Spurs have been a true force in the NBA, and currently have a roster built around proven success. Having just swept the Memphis Grizzlies to earn a spot in this year’s NBA Finals, will the Spurs continue this impressive run, or will LeBron James and the Miami Heat prove too strong an opponent in the NBA Finals?
The majority of NBA fans will surely support the Spurs, and will wish to see King James dethroned. The Heat has built seemingly too strong a team around James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Their team would enter dynasty phase of they can win their second consecutive NBA title. The rest of the league has struggled to assemble a worthy competitor. The Los Angeles Lakers attempted the feat by joining together Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Steve Nash but they never managed to live up to the hype as a worthy challenger to the Heat.
The Spurs on the other hand have already been assembled for a decade and are a finely tuned team that has proved to be capable of winning NBA titles with great success. Center Tim Duncan is an absolute force and has done it all. Point Guard Tony Parker showed in the Western Conference Finals that he can still take over a game, while shooting guard Manu Ginobili makes the big plays when the team needs him. This combination is deadly and has won multiple championships, becoming an NBA dynasty themselves in the mid 2000’s.
The one thing that makes this an intriguing matchup is the Spurs’ ages. Duncan is 37, Ginobili is 35, and Tony Parker isn’t exactly a spring chicken at 31. This could be the group’s last legitimate shot at a final NBA championship and they seem determined to earn it this year. Regardless of whether they complete the job, they will certainly be worthy competitors against the Heat.
Going in their favor is the fact that by sweeping the Memphis Grizzlies, the Spurs will have over a full week to rest and prepare for the NBA Finals. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat has already given a game to the Indiana Pacers. Although likely to win the series, the Heat could be exhausted if the Pacers can win another game or two in the Easter Conference Finals.
Although the Heat’s stars are much younger than the Spurs’, the Spurs will have the edge in rest and veteran maturity. Although the recent Heat success has seen them evolve into championship caliber leaders as well, the Spurs will have the extra edge in the fact that this could be their last real shot at a final championship.
It all sets up for a fantastic NBA Finals that will begin in just over a week. Perhaps there could be a Pacers assault that would stun the basketball world, but my hunch is that the Miami Heat will be in the NBA Finals and ready to win. However, this Spurs team has proven time and time again that they are title winners, and I suspect that they could push the Heat to 7 games, and perhaps even snatch the NBA Finals title one last time!
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