Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quarterback Controversy - Tony Romo vs Joe Flacco

Tony Romo Autographed Dallas Cowboys Photo
NFL fans all know the huge contracts that Tony Romo and Joe Flacco received this year. Flacco got a big contract after his team won the Super Bowl and he was named the Super Bowl MVP. However, some NFL fans are wondering why Tony Romo got a huge contract when the Dallas Cowboys have not done much with him at the helm.
So the Dallas Cowboys gave Tony Romo a six-year contract worth $108 million with $55 million of that guaranteed. This is just slightly below the Baltimore Ravens contract with Joe Flacco who is also getting a six-year contract but it's worth is $120.6 million and $52 million is guaranteed. So even though Flacco's is more overall, Romo comes out ahead with the guaranteed money.
Let's compare the two and see how they rate neck to neck since 2008 when Flacco came into the league (and winning the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year Award). Here are the numbers:
Tony Romo (Since 2008)
Passing Yards: 18,623
Passing Touchdowns: 122
Pass Completions: 1,542
Pass Attempts: 2,383
Completion Percentage: 64.7%
Passes Intercepted: 59
Passes Over 20 Yards: 240
Times Sacked: 133
Joe Flacco (Since 2008 Rookie Year)
Passing Yards: 17,633
Passing Touchdowns: 102
Pass Completions: 1,507
Pass Attempts: 2,489
Completion Percentage: 60.5%
Passes Intercepted: 56
Passes Over 20 Yards: 225
Times Sacked: 44
So, based on these numbers, is Tony Romo's new contract really out of line. Why is it that he is the guy that everyone loves to hate. He has been sacked 3x's more than Flacco, so is it the Cowboy's offensive line that is at fault, or does Romo not throw it quickly enough? Either way, their numbers are very comparable.
Now the question is this, what will quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers going to receive since he is a much better quarterback then both Flacco and Romo. The Green Bay Packers will be paying huge when his contract is up in a couple of years.
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