Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Highlights Battle of Youth Vs. Veterans as 49ers take on Ravens

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The cherished game has arrived! This Sunday brings us Super Bowl XLVII and all the wonder and glory that goes along with it. Commercials will entertain the masses while exciting football brings about what should be an enthralling encounter between two fine teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Adding further intrigue to the match is that the head coaches of both teams are brothers, and that will surely inspire one of the more emotional and tear-filled postgame hugs between the siblings.

But let’s focus on the all-important matter: the football! Both coaches made stressful and season altering changes in the midseason: The 49ers replaced their starting quarterback Alex Smith and the Ravens fired their offensive coordinator. Both moves proved to be vitally correct.

These two teams have been equally impressive in the post-season as well. The Ravens finest moment came in the AFC Divisional round when the faced Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Down a touchdown with under a minute to play, Joe Flacco connected on a 70-yard pass to Jacoby Jones to silence Mile High Stadium and take the game to overtime. Manning was then intercepted by Corey Graham and that fearsome Ravens defense, and the Ravens secured the victory with a field goal.

The San Francisco 49ers’ best moment was the brilliant comeback during the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons. Behind 17 points early in the game, Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore got the offense moving again and came back to win. Tight end Vernon Davis also had several fine catches to help get the team scoring.

And so now, all drumrolls rolling, it is time for the NFL to crown its new Champion! I find it so hard to accurately predict this game. Both teams have beat the best of the NFL: the 49ers absolutely destroyed Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers while the Ravens cleanly dismantled Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, in addition to their other impressive displays.

While the Ravens will see the final match of Ray Lewis, the fearsome middle linebacker, the 49ers also bring on what could be the last Super Bowl for veteran wide receiver Randy Moss. Both teams have rather young quarterbacks who still have everything to play for, but will also feel the sheer awe that only a Super Bowl can bring about.

I sense there will be several interceptions. Although Joe Flacco has avoided a single interception thus far in the playoffs, the 49ers defense will present a new challenge with their impressive pass rush and solid linebackers. Similarly, Kaepernick will have to square off with the Ravens tough defense and players like Lewis and Ed Reed, who thrive off of interceptions.

And I also think that there will be an inability to score early in the game, leading to some field goals, and possibly a half time score of 10-6. However, as the game winds down and the players heat up offensively, I think there could be an exciting 4th quarter shootout. Flacco will prove his big-time ability and lead the Ravens to the top: 30-27.

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