Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your Dentist Can Fix Your Hockey Smile

If you are passionate about playing contact sports then you
know the risks involved, such as the ability to have a
beautiful smile one moment and a gap-toothed grin the next.
You might not even be smiling at all if you have lost one
or more of your teeth playing hockey, rugby, boxing, or

Or you could be walking around proud of the effort that
went into the game that resulted in lost teeth, but your
girlfriend has been nagging you to put something in that
gap other than your tongue. Of course, these means going to
the dentist and having some serious work done, and you
would rather knock out all of your teeth than do that,
right? Think again, tough guy (or girl)!

There are three primary ways that your dentist can return
your smile to the way it was, some in just a matter of
days, and these are implants, bridges, or dentures. All of
these are methods by which the dentist will examine your
existing teeth and create a plan of action where he or she
will mimic the surrounding teeth to create the illusion of
the whole.

The result will look extremely natural, so much so that
most people will not be able to tell the difference unless
you point it out to them. And why would you do that?
Whether you choose the more permanent route of implants or
prefer something you can remove like dentures, there is a
way to bridge the gap in your mouth with just a few visits
to the dentist.

Of course, as with any other procedure, there are possible
cons to counteract the pros. First, some of the solutions
listed above would cause a great deal of pain during the
procedure, as well as the recovery period following, but
would then cease to cause any discomfort to the wearer.
Secondly, it can quickly become a costly endeavor trying to
fix your smile, especially if you have lost more than one

While some procedures can be done fairly quickly, others
will require multiple trips to the dental clinic to correct
your broken smile. Yet despite these setbacks, the cost and
pain associated with corrective dental procedures cannot
compare to the confidence that will be restored when your
smile is complete.

If you plan on continuing to play your contact sport of
choice AND want to have corrective dental surgery, an
option that is removable might be the best solution for
you. The teeth that were knocked out once could easily be
removed from your jaws again, something you certainly
wouldn't want to have to fix more than once.

Opt for a removable bridge or dentures that can stay in
your gym bag, waiting to be placed back into your mouth
after practice. Don't be ashamed of your sports-related
injury any longer, take action, just like you would on the
court, field, or rink, and get back on your game in the
real world as well with a complete smile.

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