Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 25 Poll - Week 7 - We Have a New No. 1 - Auburn

The AP Top 25 and Coaches Top 25 College Football Polls are
nationally recognized, but after 50+ years of watching
and/or covering college football games, and being a former
sports editor for a daily newspaper, here is another view
of the rankings:

1) Auburn (7-0) - Overwhelmed 12th-ranked Arkansas 65-43.
Still unbeaten and has two wins against current AP Top 25
teams - South Carolina and Arkansas. Hosts 6th-ranked LSU
next. Must win to stay on top. Strength of schedule is
better than Oregon.

2) Oregon Ducks (6-0) - Idle this week. Has beaten exactly one
Top 25 team - Stanford. Hosts up and down UCLA Bruins next. Better
win big.

3) Oklahoma (6-0) - Still unbeaten and has two wins
against current Top 25 teams - Florida State Seminoles and Texas. Has
played the 15th toughest schedule in the country, and the
toughest schedule among the 10 unbeaten teams. Next up for
the Sooners: Must travel to unbeaten Missouri.

4) Michigan State Spartans (7-0) - Still unbeaten with one Top 25
win - Wisconsin. Must travel to Northwestern next, and must
win big.

5) Boise State Broncos (6-0) - Still unbeaten with one Top 25 win
- Virginia Tech. Hosts mediocre Louisiana Tech next. Does
have numbers, as in 3rd nationally in scoring offense, 4th
in total offense, 3rd in scoring defense and 1st in total
defense, but does play a lot of really weak sisters.

6) Wisconsin (6-1) - Lost to Michigan State but just upset
No. 1 Ohio State, kicking the Buckeyes senseless with
smash-mouth football. When the AP and Coaches Polls both
had Ohio State No. 1 last week, I had them at No. 5, and
said they had beaten no one. The first decent team they
play beats them easily. Ohio State will be No. 5 in my poll
this week only in their dreams. Wisconsin travels to Iowa
next. This should be a good match-up as both teams like to
run into each other.

7) TCU (7-0) - Has not beaten a Top 25 team but, like
Boise State, has some numbers against weak competition --
like 7th nationally in scoring offense, 15th in total
offense, 1st in scoring defense and 2nd in total defense.
Hosts Air Force next, had better win.

8) LSU Tigers (7-0) - Has not beaten a current Top 25 team, has
some very unimpressive victories, and just had a lousy
showing in beating AA McNeese State. Only here because they
have played the 2nd toughest schedule among the 10 unbeaten
teams remaining. Must travel to Auburn next, and the LSU
Tigers had better beat the Auburn Tigers or they will not
be 8th in my poll next week. One loss will give me a real
excuse to downgrade them.

9) Utah (6-0) - Has not beaten a current Top 25 team, and
has played the weakest schedule among the unbeaten teams.
Hosts lousy Colorado State Rams team next, had better win, and
win big.

10) Oklahoma State (6-0) - Has not beaten a current Top 25
team, and has played the second weakest schedule among the
unbeaten teams. Hosts Nebraska next, has chance to show its
stuff. Better beat the Cornhuskers to remain here.

11) Missouri (6-0) - Has not beaten a current Top 25 team.
Hosts Oklahoma next and must beat the Sooners to remain

12) Arizona (5-1) - Has beaten one Top 25 team - Iowa.
That's more than Stanford can say. Just had lame win over
Washington State and hosts the Washington Huskies next. Had
better beat the Huskies to remain here.

13) Iowa (5-1) - Has not beaten a current Top 25 team.
Hosts Wisconsin next. Should Iowa Hawkeyes win, they will move
up and Wisconsin will move down.

14) Nebraska (5-1) - Has not beaten a current Top 25 team.
Why is that so hard to believe? Hype only goes so far. Just
lost to the Texas Longhorns, who might have finally found
themselves. If the Cornhuskers thought Texas was just a
barrel of laughs, they get to travel to Oklahoma State
next. Nebraska had better beat the Cowboys or they will
really drop in my poll.

15) Alabama (6-1) - Just came off a really lame 23-10
victory over Mississippi. It's a good thing for the CrimsonTide that the wheels did not come off the wagon, like they did for Florida. Travel to Tennessee next, had better beat
the Vols or they will not be here next week.

16) Ohio State (6-1) - I said I threw them a bone last
week in putting them at No. 5 in my poll. Now you know why.
The Ohio State Buckeyes met their first real opponent all year and got
a good butt kicking from Wisconsin. I am throwing the
Buckeyes another bone this week because they host a really
weak Purdue team and might take their record to 7-1.

17) Stanford (5-1) - Idle this week. Travel to Washington
next, and absolutely must win or drop in this poll.

18) Florida State (6-1) - Just racked up weak win over
Boston College. Travel to North Carolina State next. The
Wolfpack just lost to East Carolina, so they don't have
much going on. The Siminoles need to win big against NC

19) Texas (4-2) - First two-loss team in my poll. Just
might be getting it together after big road victory against
Nebraska. It was so much fun watching Bo Pelini torque his
jaws. Longhorns face Iowa State next, and must crush the
Cyclones to win more support.

20) South Carolina (4-2) - Gamecocks lost to Auburn by 8
and Kentucky by 3. Has Top 25 win over Alabama. Played 18th
toughest schedule in the country. Travels to Vanderbilt
next and must absolutely win.

21) Southern California (5-2) - Trojans lost to Washington
by 1 and Stanford by 2. Has now beaten Hawaii, Virginia,
Minnesota, Washington State and California. Idle this
coming week and then hosts Oregon in big time showdown.

22) Arkansas (4-2) - Just lost to Auburn 65-43 and lost to
Alabama by 4. At least the Arkansas Razorbacks are playing some
tougher competition. Hosts Mississippi next, and must win.

23) Kansas State (5-1) - Lost to Nebraska, but has played a
better schedule than a lot of teams and just whipped rival
Kansas 59-7 in an away game.

24) West Virginia (5-1) - Lost on the road to LSU by 6.
Faces really easy Syracuse team next. Has played an
incredibly weak schedule of nobodies.

25) Hawaii (5-2) - Lost to Southern California and
Colorado, but has also beaten Army, AA Charleston Southern,
Louisiana Tech, Fresno State and now Nevada while playing
the 19th toughest schedule in the country. Not too shabby.
Probably just as good if not better than Virginia Tech,
Mississippi State or Miami-Fl. The Warriors travel to a
very weak Utah State team next and must dominate the Aggies
to remain here.

At least 2 of college football's 10 remaining, unbeaten
major teams will lose this weekend as 4 of them clash with
perfect records. To remain No. 5 Auburn must beat LSU this
weekend in the marquee game.

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