Monday, October 18, 2010

Super Bowl Championship Clothing Blanks Make Appearance In Africa

There are some countries where sports history is recorded
differently than it is here. For example, if you go to the
African nation of Niger, the Buffalo Bills are the greatest
football dynasty of all-time.

If you go to Uganda, you may find Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have never won a thing. And in the tiny
country of Sierra Leone, the Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, and Chicago Bears all won championships in the
past decade

That's because these are just a few of the third-world
countries that receive the clothing blanks created for the
losers of the NFLs Super Bowl.

In case you were unaware, before every Super Bowl (as well
as both the Conference Championship games) the National Football League takes a bunch of blank clothing and prints
out a series of "Super Bowl Champion" hats and t-shirts for
the players and coaches to wear immediately after the game
is over (It makes for some great advertising for a product
they then sell the next five months at $40 a pop).

The only problem? Well, when we wrote that they hand out
the clothing blanks immediately after the game ended, we
literally mean IMMEDIATELY. They don't wait for the final
score to be decided before printing the championship
clothes, and because of this, they are stuck with clothing
blanks that declare a Super Bowl Champion that never was.

The same thing does, from time to time, occur in Major League Baseball, as well as the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League. But because
those sports play their championships out in a
best-of-seven game format, the double clothing blanks are
only printed when it's a situation where both teams could
potentially be crowned.

For each Super Bowl, there are exactly 288 clothing blanks
that never get used. On the evening of the Super Bowl they
are locked and guarded somewhere in the stadium. The
National Football League goes out of its way to ensure
those articles of clothing are never seen on television,
nor do they ever make it to online retail stores or auction
sites like eBay.

The following Monday they are sent to a warehouse in a town
outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Sewickley. It is
at this point that the clothing blanks go from being
property of the NFL to being the property of World Vision,
a relief organization that provides clothing to third-world
impoverished nations.

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