Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Ground Basketball Hoops: 5 Benefits for Your Child's Life

In ground basketball hoops have become within the reach of
the common consumer or homeowner much more than in the
past, and it's no longer a luxury available only to the
richest among us. Manufacturing costs, improved designs,
and more streamlined distribution systems have led to them
being available at much more affordable prices.

But perhaps you're on the fence about making such a big
purchase anyways and are wondering if it will just become a
distraction at your home when the kids should be doing
homework. Here are 5 benefits installing in ground
basketball hoops can have on your child's life:

1. Physical Activity

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to point out that kids
with their own personal basketball court in the front yard
are going to get a lot more physical activity than most of
America's young, sedentary population. And there's
practically nothing so vital to a healthy human's growth
than getting plenty of exercise.

It strengthens their bones, keeps them limber, and promotes
better cardiovascular health; lowering the risk for a
multitude of horrible diseases in the future. Not to
mention that starting them down the road to an active
lifestyle this young lays down the foundation for a healthy

2. Gets Them Outside

In a similar fashion, in ground basketball hoops get the
kids out of the bedroom, off the couch, and out into the
fresh air. Far too many kids think of recreational
activity as sitting on the edge of their mattress playing
Soldier of Fortune for hours and hours on end.

Sure, video games can be fun sometimes, and they really
have become mind-blowing for their features and graphics,
but a kid's life should extend beyond the screen and beyond
the four walls of their bedroom.

This is healthy, outdoor activity; what parent doesn't
want that for their child?

3. Provides Positive Recreation

Not to mention there are plenty of distractions other than
video games for our children these days; many which
lead down very dark paths. The majority of children will
experiment and at least brush against some of these dark
paths and try out the bad habits that come with them, and
fortunately most will end up okay in the long run.

But not all of them will. And providing other outlets for
their energy and curiosity goes a lot further than becoming
an overly-strict, controlling parent. Getting your kids
involved in sports and giving them an engaging activity
that keeps them within your influence, right outside your
house, is not a bad idea at all.

4. Prepares Them for a Bright Future

I often say that sports; organized sports; are
one of the best things any parent can get their child
involved with. It keeps them physically fit, encourages an
active lifestyle, teaches them social skills, keeps them
out of trouble, and gives them yet another reason to get
good grades.

An active interest in sports starts at home, and in ground
basketball hoops give a child something to get excited
about. Something to excel at and take into their future.

5. Encourages Social Behavior

Much like team sports, having a small basketball court set
up at your home encourages social interaction outside of
school as well. Because you can bet that when your kid's
classmates and the neighbor's kids find out about it,
they'll be itching to come over and play a game.

Are you ready to introduce a source of healthy activity to
your child's life? To see some of great models of in
ground basketball hoops that you can order and have
directly delivered to your door, go to

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