Monday, October 4, 2010

3 Golf Chipping Tips To Improve Chipping & Lower Your Scores!

Are you seeking to lower your scores in your golf game? If
so I've got some golf chipping tips which will do just
that! In this article you'll discover one of the easy and
simple methods to shave at the least 5 to 7 shots off your
score at the conclusion of each round. Guaranteed!
Let's face it having a great golf swing and having the
ability to hit the golf ball long, straight and accurate
each and every time is by far one of the primary focuses
that every golfer strives for. But, I don't care how good
you might be, you'll miss greens! Heck ever watch the tour
pro's? Not even they can hit every green in regulation. The
top pro's know that in order to be at the top of the leader
board each and every week they must have the ability to get
up and down to save par!

The ability to learn how to chip the golf ball close to the
hole is by far the best solution to lowering your golf
scores. If you are able to learn how to improve your
chipping round the green you can easily turn that 90 into
85 or 85 into 79! So let's don't waste anytime let's get
after it!

Golf Chipping Tips No. 1 - Don't Use A Sand Wedge For Every
Chip Shot

Do you find yourself using a sand wedge for every chip
shot? If you do your simply throwing shots away! By using a
higher lofted club for each chip shot you will with out a
doubt make it much more difficult for yourself to get the
ball close to the hole.

Sure you could be O.K with the shorter shots but the longer
the chip shot is the longer your back swing has to be. By
doing this brings into play the chunk shot or the blade.
Just think back for a minute at a round of golf you've
played. How many times did you chunk your chip shot around
the green? Probably more times than you'd care to remember.
You see by using the sand wedge round the green for every
chip shot won't improve your scores. This leads me to...
Golf Chipping Tips No. 2 - Use A 9 Iron For Shorter Chip

For shorter chip shots around the green I recommend using a
9 iron instead of the sand wedge. Why? Well, by using a 9
iron for the shorter chips shots will help you keep the
back swing shorter. This is the best solution for getting
rid of those unwanted blades or chunks.

You just put the ball in the middle of the stance, put a
little bit of weight on your left side (right side for left
hander), pick a spot on the green just short of the hole
and try and hit that spot with the ball.

And since the loft on the 9 iron is flatter you will not
have to take the club back as far to make the ball go
further. Sure it'll take a little bit of practice to get
use to how far you have to land the ball to let it run to
the hole, but believe me you will pick it up quickly and

Golf Chipping Tips No. 3 - Use A 5 or 7 Iron For Longer
Chip Shots

Now for my last and final tip. For the longer chip shots
round the green I recommend you try using a 5 or 7 iron.
Again the principal is the same as using the 9 iron I
listed above. But the loft on these clubs are even lower
allowing you to keep the back swing shorter and still be
able to get the distance you need to travel across the
green to reach the hole.

So for your longer chip shots grab your 5 or 7 iron place
the ball in the middle of your stance, put a little bit of
weight on your left side (right side for the left hander),
pick a spot on the green you want to land the ball and try
to role the golf ball to the hole.

In Closing:

The absolute best way to start lowering your scores is
definitely by improving your short game!
If you can take the 3 golf chipping tips I've listed above
and get out to your local golf courses practice green.
Spend at the very least 30 to 60 minutes you will get the
hang of using this strategy for improving your chipping
round the greens. Guaranteed!
For further golf chipping tips and secrets of the pros that
give you unbelievable accuracy, breath-taking impact, and
machine-like consistency for every shot you make round the
green! Visit

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