Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I Learned From The US World Cup Loss....

The ride was amazing, as the US mens team tied an England
team (in a come from behind fashion), tied a Slovenia team
after going down 2-0 and then in the 91st minute (yes
during stoppage time) scored the winning goal over Algeria.
They entered the round of 16 without a loss and were
poised to make another emotional victory after again coming
from behind on a penalty kick to 1-1 tie at the end of
regulation. Ghana, however, again struck first and took
the lead that would end the emotional ride of the US soccer
team with a 2-1 loss. The comeback kid just could come
back this time.

For you soccer fans, I apologize for the painful reminder,
but there are 3 important things we can all learn from the
US team. Whether you play soccer, run, swim, bike, play
tennis or even just walk for exercise, these lessons can
help you avoid the same let down that is still paining the
US team (and probably will be for 4 more years).

1. Proper Preparation -> The final minutes of a soccer game
can be won or lost by proper preparation. How is your
endurance? Have you prepared appropriately to have the
most successful participation in your activity (or sport)?
If you take the time necessary to prepare you can avoid
injury and perform at your highest level. This may include
proper equipment such as running shoes for running or the
soccer boot (cleat) for soccer and may include dynamic
stretching to avoid injury.

2. Learn From Your Mistakes -> A single mistake can win or
lose a game or cause a serious injury. The US team let
every team take a lead, but was able to make appropriate
adjustments to get back in the game. Most of us (and
ultimately te US team) can't keep making the same mistakes
and recover. What can you do to ensure you are running
correctly? Do you need orthotics or evaluation of how you
run or walk to minimize injuries from happening again. Are
you overtraining or undertraining? Are you eating
appropriately? We each can learn from our mistakes and get
better at our activity.

3. Prophylaxis -> Also called "preventive measures". If
the US hadn't allowed a goal in the first half and the
first period of extra time, they would have had a better
chance of winning. Likewise, we can take preventive
measures to avoid injury and not wait for injury (or loss)
to make the changes. Replace running shoes regularly to
avoid a stress fracture. Stretch appropriately and avoid
an Achilles tendon injury before it happens. Preventive
measures are a key measure in any sport or exercise

Although I am disappointed the US will not be playing any
additional games in the World Cup, I learned from them and
can better perform in any sport or activity I participate

Brandt R. Gibson, DPM, MS is a foot and ankle specialist
located in American Fork, Utah. As a soccer coach, he likes
to educate players on how to play better while having fun.
Further educational material can be found at
http://www.utahfootdoc.com/Educate.htm. A FREE book can
also be requested.

Copyright (c) 2010 Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute

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