Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tennis Camps Can Help Kids Build Character

It's no secret that sports like tennis are an important
part of a healthy lifestyle for kids. Attending a summer
tennis camp can be an excellent way for a child to learn
the sport or improve the skills they already have.
Participating in sports not only keeps kids in shape. It
also helps to teach them valuable real-world skills such as
teamwork and leadership. It can also help them to gain some
valuable life experience and come away with more maturity
than when they arrived.

Going to camp can do wonders for improving a child's
organizational and leadership skills. At a summer sports
camp, the child is taught that their actions directly
affect not only those around them, but themselves as well.
Kids are taught to behave responsibly and hold their peers
to the same expectations. Through problem-solving
exercises, kids learn that they must support and trust
those around them in order to be successful as a team.

Usually, tennis camp consists of concentrating on the sport
in the mornings and afternoons, followed by evening
activities that can vary from chess to fishing. These
activities allow the kids to clear their heads and take
their minds out of the sport they've been practicing
throughout the day. They also help them to step out of
their comfort zones and try something new. For instance,
teaching chess to someone who has only played tennis their
whole life can make a world of difference. Activities such
as capture the flag and other competitive games also help
foster teamwork and leadership roles among the children.
Because summer tennis camps vary in their offerings, those
who are interested in attending should know what to expect.

Most camps are sleep-away, meaning that the children do not
go home at the end of the night. Kids generally sleep in
cabins with counselors who oversee their safety. Camps can
last for various durations, but they usually range from
10-20 days per session. Meals are usually provided,
although some camps may ask you to provide your child with
food during their stay.

Parent-child communication is extremely important; if you
are thinking about signing your kid up for summer tennis
camp, be sure that he or she is comfortable with the idea
first. But if they decide to go, they will no doubt leave
with teamwork and leadership skills that they may not have
had when they arrived. The skills they acquire will leave a
lasting impact on the way they interact with others for
years to come.

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