Saturday, August 28, 2010

Basketball Jumping's Explosive Secrets

A great coach of mine once said that there are no secrets,
just train, train, train. I kind of agree, but there are
things that are secret in basketball jumping programmes;
not because people do not want them known, but simply
because many trainers may not even know them.

Jump training is not well understood because it goes
against what most athletes and trainers accept as common
wisdom. It is the results of hard work, special techniques
and some well thought out plans.

To really maximize the muscle strength and to get the
highest jump is a combination of training methods, diet and
other changes which produce the results. Taking one element
in isolation and changing it may not be enough.

Training to get a specific result needs a specific
approach, and one that is tailored to the job in hand. You
are not training to run a marathon so 100 repetitions in
one session of any exercise will not give you the muscle
explosion that harder training with fewer reps will.
Although endurance training is essential for basketball
players who must run and jump the entire game, it's not
what produces their explosive jump or the height. That type
of training is low rep with a hard push.

While most athletes attempting to improve their vertical
jump will put in long hours with less push to it, they are
simply enabling themselves to do more jumping but not
improving their vertical height.

Strength and balance training of the right kind can produce
results but they are not the entire story. Some athletes
manage to find a training routine which does work to build
muscle and can improve explosive basketball jumping. They
see some results and may still be disappointed because a
jump requires more than strength training.

A large amount of energy is released in a concerted
vertical jump. However the contributing factors to this
jump are muscle response speed, stability and balance. The
nature of how elements interact with other often means that
changes in a few areas complement each other and produce
enhanced results.

Improvements are going to require effort and focus - simple
but not always easy. I think the old analogy of having to
put wood on the stove before getting heat out of it
certainly applies here. To achieve the best results and
especially if they are to be gained quickly, it requires a
certain dedication to training. Eating well and sleeping
well are important and the person committed to a training
program will make time to do both.

Though these secrets could apply to any routine it works
best when an athlete has a firm training routine, a proper
diet as well as coaching. Under training vertical jumps can
be just as detrimental to overall improvement as over
training can be.

Decide on a good program that makes sense, stick to it, and
make sure it approaches all the factors in jumping, not
just muscle gain or endurance since these will not produce
the kind of results that a multifaceted approach will. Then
go for it and watch your basketball jumping soar.

So the question is: When do you want to get there, and how
much effort are you prepared to waste in the process? We
can show you how to achieve your own personal vertcial max
using our guaranteed basketball jumping programme. Why not
you, and why not now?

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