Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where Can I Find The Top 2010 Golf Drivers?

These days, the best golf drivers are often the adjustable
ones. This means that it is now possible to make in-game
adjustments so as to improve gaming performance, which was
not permitted by the USGA prior to 2009. Golfers can
customize and individualize their golf drivers within the
limits of the existing rules.

In addition, speaking of performance, golf drivers are
judged based on three criteria -distance, accuracy and
overall improvement in the game. Here then are the eight
best golf drivers for 2010.

The Adams Speedline Fast 10 golf driver provides for a
higher lift, a straighter flight and an improved airflow
because of a low center of gravity and reduced side spin.
With its excellent drive distance coupled and ball speed,
it definitely improves gaming performance for both amateurs
and professionals.

The Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Edge golf driver comes in
both the tour and standard versions with various head face
shapes. Amongst the many golf drivers in the Callaway line,
this driver offers the deepest center of gravity and the
maximum moment of inertia, which translates to a good shot

Just like the Big Bertha, the Callaway FT-IZ driver comes
in tour and standard versions. In contrast, however, it has
a higher moment of inertia and lower center of gravity,
which makes for better control as well as improved
consistency, stability and power.

With its three versions of standard, draw and tour, the
Cleveland Launcher DST driver permits livelier shots
because of the well-balanced features. Golfers find the
advanced coefficient of restitution working to their

Many things are going for The Cobra Zero Limits (ZL)
driver. It features a hosel that is adjustable, to change
the face angle and thus, improve on one's game. For one
thing, its rhombus face insert provides for a striking edge
that is powerful while the conventional rounded head makes
for excellent opportunities in shaping shots. For another
thing, its ball flight trajectory that is higher makes for
better control and, thus, better chances at placing the
ball near the hole.

For greater preciseness in stroke control, the Mizuno MP
630 Fast Track is the best option in golf drivers. Its
weight adjustments allow for 45 settings, which complements
the open clubface's ability to deliver low center of
gravity, low flight and low spin.

For a full complement of golf technology designed to
improve ball flight, the TaylorMade R9 driver is
unparalleled. It features three patented technologies for
this purpose - Flight Control for customizable head and
shaft system; Movable Weight for changing the center of
gravity and, thus, promote various ball flights; and
Inverted Cone expands the clubface area that delivers the
desired high ball speed.

Then there is the Titleist 909 golf driver with its three
models called the D2, D3 and D Comp. All of these drivers
are titanium-made, which delivers on superior distance,
solid feel in the hands and an enhanced sound.
The market for golf drivers may be flooded with newer
models but the abovementioned eight brand names are top of
the heap. You will find that your golf game will
significantly improve, maybe even sufficiently good to give
the pros a run for their money.
There is one more secret weapon in the game of golf.

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