Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tent Camping Guide For Newbie Campers

Tent camping can be a very rewarding experience, but it can
also become frustrating and counterproductive if you do not
know what you are doing. So if you are a newbie camper and
you are looking for help on where to start, then you are in
the right place. You can find here answers to the questions
that really matters, especially to beginners like you.

Which Camping Site Should I Go To? Choosing a camping site
is more than an indulgence and should be given careful
consideration. The first thing that you need to consider is
your budget. Some places may require you to spend more
bucks while some places may be cheaper to go to. You will
also need to consider the physical capabilities of the
people you are going with. Certain physical conditions may
prevent a person from enduring strenuous outdoor activities
like hiking.

You should make thorough inquiry about the camping sites
you are planning to go to. The things you need to check
include knowing which wild animals live in the area, being
familiar with the terrain, and knowing the climate
condition of the place. A good starting point is asking
the local government agency that covers the area or asking
for tips from tourist guide offices.

What Camping Equipments Should I Never Forget? When you go
out to tent camping trips, you are leaving behind the
comforts and convenience of your home. And out there in the
wilderness, there will be limited resources than you are
used to. Therefore, it is important that you bring
sufficient camping tools and equipments to provide your

One of the most important tools in camping is the tent.
This is very important because this will serve as your
temporary shelter while you are away from home. You will
also need to choose the right one for the right situation.
Beach tents are perfect for seashore camping, although
beach tents can actually be used elsewhere. But for larger
groups, family tents and cabin tents may be more
appropriate than beach tents because these are designed to
accommodate more people.

Other important things that you will need to bring include
cooking wares and equipments, sufficient food supply, first
aid kits and medicine bags, lighting systems, extra
batteries, hygiene items, mapping tools like compasses and
GPS hand-helds, communication devices, and of course, a
video camera to make a footage of your adventure.

Where Can I Find Help In Case Of Emergency? This is really
a tough call. Out there in the woods or the mountain you
are all alone and getting help right away might be
difficult. But to make things easier for you and to give
you some peace of mind, you should never forget to bring a
communications device. This can be a mobile phone, a
mini-PC with internet access, or a radio.

These devices will allow you to contact emergency hot lines
like 911 for example. However, you will also need to
consider that some communication devices might not work at
your chosen camping site. You should learn about this
before you go out camping. You should make sure that you
always have a means of communication that works.

These are the basic things that you need to know about tent
camping. But depending on the camping site that you chose,
there might be more things that you need to know. It will
help to read camping 101 books and also inquire on tourist
guide offices.

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