Thursday, July 8, 2010

South Africa Hosting the World Cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 is a great booster for the economy in
South Africa, the host country of the cup this year. It is
the biggest sport event in the world with millions of
people watching it, from every corner of this globe. It is
one of the most important chances for South Africa to show
that it can organize and handle such important events,
while benefit from hosting the World Cup 2010.
South Africa has large shoes to fill, since the World Cup
2006 was very successful; however, it seems that the
country took the hosting of World Cup 2010 seriously and
has been working towards the great goal which is a perfect

Hosting the World Cup 2010 is very important because the
country can benefit from the massive constructions of
stadiums, facilities, hotels and restaurants. There have
been numerous jobs created the last few years due to the
World Cup, since the country is expecting thousands of
tourists and athletes to visit it during the Cup and the
games. All these tourists will bring revenues the likes the
country has never seen before. The World Cup is a great
chance and a great bet for South Africa.
South Africa has been suffering from an abysmal economy;
hosting the World Cup 2010 is great news because all major
sporting events are great economy boosters. The Olympic
Games in Atlanta or Beijing created thousands of job
positions and were 100% profitable. What is more, the World
Cup can offer the world a positive view of this tormented

The World Cup is been hosted in nine cities and ten
stadiums. South Africa had to build some stadiums in order
to be able to host all 32 teams that participate in this
global event, and offer them the best possible facilities
for training. The elite teams of the world are in South
Africa now ready to play for the most infamous trophy in
soccer. With the various national teams also come the
various fans. South Africa is expecting thousands of fans
who are coming from all over the world to celebrate the
great feast of soccer. This is the best tourism boost that
the country can imagine and it's not allowed to miss the
chance to present its best to the world.

It is estimated that hosting the World Cup 2010 has created
more than 100,000 jobs in South Africa. The country has
started investing on more comprehensive and sophisticated
infrastructure, such as the rapid rail system, ameliorating
its airport, highways and anything that can enhance and
support social and economical growth in the country. The
greatest advantage is of course the generation of
employment for so many people.

Hosting the World Cup 2010 South Africa is sending a
message to the entire world; Africa is not a forgotten
continent and its countries are not third world countries.
They have the ability and the know how to host and organize
great events. This world cup has brought money, tourism and
enhanced infrastructure to this country.
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