Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fitness Strength Training - How to Get A Sexy Body

Why is fitness strength training so important? Sixty years
ago stairs were more common than elevators. Many of us
worked in the fields behind a plow and mule rather than in
an air conditioned tractor, while others worked in
factories doing things that robots now accomplish.

Carpenters wielded claw hammers and hand held saws instead
of nail guns and table saws. Women beat rugs instead of
vacuuming them. Children played kick the can instead of
sitting on their cans playing Mp3 games. We walked or
biked, instead of hopping in the car to go three blocks.

This is why, if you want a slim, lean, sexy body you have
to work at it, which means working out. Jogging, bicycling
and swimming are all great cardio and aerobic exercises,
but you need to do even more than that to get explosive
results. You need to work your muscles in a repetitive
motion. It is the constant flexing and tightening,
stretching and contracting that helps burn the fat and
build the muscle.

Our muscles need oxygen and energy to accomplish the tasks
they were made to do. With each stretch or contraction,
the muscles learn how to handle loads and undergo stress.
Repetitive movement shapes your body's muscles and defines
your physique.

Whether you are a guy or gal, nothing is sexier than a
tight, lean body. Want to know how to get that body fast?
Fitness Strength training. When you add varying weights or
resistances, your body work harder, burn more fat, build
more muscle and look and feel better overall. The
resistance may come from weight stacks, bar bells, hand
weights and/or resistance bands.

The key is to start slow and steadily build in resistance.
You should be able to do ten repetitions before you feel
that burn, or slight straining in your muscles. If you feel
the burn with less than that, you need to scale it back to
avoid injury. If, after ten to twelve reps you do not feel
it, next time add more weights or more resistance. Never
push yourself too hard, but don't stagnate either.

For that overall sexy, sleek look, alternate muscle groups
in your fitness strength training routine. Concentrate on
your upper body on the odd numbered days and the lower body
on the even number of days. That will allow the muscles to
rest but not fatigue as much.

Finally, warm up and stretch out before and after your
fitness strength training session. Treat your muscles well
and they will respond by giving you that sexy body you have
dreamed of having.

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Mike Derfasi, known as Mike Watcher, is a certified
personal trainer who's graduated from the College of Food
and Agriculture. He achieved his Masters degree in
Nutritional Science from Curtin University of Technology in
Perth, Australia.

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