Monday, June 28, 2010

Saltwater Fly Fishing In Bermuda

Bermuda offers vacationers much more than luxurious
resorts, inviting ocean waters and beautiful beaches; it is
also a saltwater fly fishing paradise. Anglers can find
great catches during any season along Bermuda's ocean
shores, reefs and flats.
Bermuda, always a tourist-friendly island, extends its "no
license required" policy to nonresident anglers; fans of
the sport need only abide by certain lenient size and
quantity restrictions. And there are plenty of places to
rent tackle, bait and boats for anglers who didn't come
prepared. Many Bermuda fishing charters not only include a
wide variety of equipment, but also photograph successful
anglers with their catch.
Some of the best coral reef fishing in the world is found
off the coast of Bermuda. Reef fishing off Bermudan shores
can be enjoyed on coral bands from a half mile to, weather
permitting, 30 miles from the shore. The Challenger Reef, a
mere 12 miles out, is a popular reef during every season.
Due to the sometimes strong winter winds, the Argus Bank,
30 miles out, is best during good weather.
Saltwater fly fishing in Bermuda yields an abundance of the
tenacious bonefish, which averages 6-12 pounds and can be
found in the shallow flat water areas. There are over 180
islands in the area, so this elusive species has plenty of
places to hide - and anglers have lots of water to explore.
The elusive tarpon, considered one of the most exciting
game for anglers, is another catch sometimes found in the
Bermudan waters. With ocean temperatures always around 60
degrees or warmer, the sport is a delight anywhere near
Anglers can successfully fly fish in Bermuda all year long,
but the sport is truly ideal during the area's mild spring,
summer and fall weather. Many migratory species of fish -
such as tuna, pompano, snapper and barracuda - can be found
during the months of May through November. Those wanting to
catch these and other fish will find Bermuda charter
fishing cruises to fit almost any budget, time frame and
Vacationers have many reasons to visit Bermuda, from
near-perfect weather every day of the year to luxury
accommodations. With such a natural abundance of fish as
well, a saltwater fly fishing vacation in Bermuda is sure
to be a memorable and enjoyable one. Whether scouring the
tides around the flats from a rented skiff, joining a
charter or merely standing on the shore, fishing in Bermuda
is among the world's best.
Stephen Daniels is an acclaimed
researcher. For fly fishing in Bermuda, he recommends Anglers of all skill
levels enjoy charter fly fishing from a 21-foot SeaPro bay
boat, with experienced local guides and some of the best
rates on the island.

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