Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sports Performance Coach: How to Avoid 3 Mistakes That Triathletes Make

Sports Performance Coach: How to Avoid 3 Mistakes That Triathletes Make
Triathlon of all distances, sprint, olympic and ironman,
are a sport that is growing in popularity here in my home
town of Singapore and around the world as well.

As a personal trainer in Singapore as well as a sports
performance coach, I see many tri-athletes who want to
improve their performance and prevent injury.

There are many common injuries and problems with
triathletes. Knee pain, back pain, poor posture and low
values for male sex hormones are all caused by excessive
triathlon training.

Here are 3 mistakes that tri-athletes make that totally
stop them from reaching maximum performance.

1. They ignore maximal strength. This means that they don't
spend enough time getting strong. The general thought is
that triathlons are endurance event and that strength
training is no important. But all sports are power and
strength events. You win and improve your triathlon timing
by doing the events faster than the competition, not by
lasting longer. Perform a good weight training program with
a good personal trainer or sports performance expert.

This program must include stuff to strengthen your
buttocks, muscles that stabilize the knee, your postural
muscles of the back and also those that take care of your

2. They don't care of their back. The cycling and running
components in the triathlon are especially harsh on the
back. Cycling means many hours in a hunched over position.
This leaves the lower back in a flexed, rounded state.

This is a weaker and more injury prone position. The
running also means that forces which are more than 3 times
your body weight run through your body with each of the
hundreds of thousand steps.

3. They don't take care of their joints. The running
component is tough on your knees, feet and ankles. Running
that far is not a "natural" thing to do. You do need to do
some special exercises to activate and strengthen the
hamstrings and the stabilizer muscles of your hips so that
they can work properly to take care of your hips and knees.
Some of the muscles that need work include the hamstrings,
the psoas, and the glute complex (buttocks) this includes
the glute maximus, minimus, and medius.

There we go some of the mistakes that keep tri athletes in
pain and frustration. Don't let it happen to you. Make sure
you don't make these mistakes when training for a triathlon
and you can have a safe, enjoyable race.

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Coach Jonathan Wong, is a sought after Singapore personal
trainer and performance expert who has helped hundreds of
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