Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers win record 6th Super Bowl

The Pittsburgh Steelers win a record 6th Super Bowl with only seconds left. This had to be one of the most exciting Super Bowls in recent history. This had to be just as good, if not better, then last years come from behind win by the New York Giants and the famous David Tyree helmet catch.

It looked as though the Arizona Cardinals were going to be defeated early on, but Kurt Warner and company came back and took the lead with a Larry Fitzgerald 64-yard receiving touchdown with only 2:37 minutes left to play. At one time, they were down 20-7. With this remarkable play, the Cardinals took the lead 23-20. It appeared that this would be the Cardinals first Super Bowl win and risk takers who chose the Cardinals to win, hitting it big on the odds.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals and Kurt Warner, 2:37 minutes was just enough time for the Pittsburgh Steelers offense and Ben Roethlisberger to make their own comeback win. Roethlisberger's passing numbers were not all that great up to this point, but those numbers just did not matter when it was all said and done. With only 35 seconds left, Santonio Holmes made an extrordinary catch in the endzone to take the lead for one last time. Holmes was deep in the end zone and kept the tip of his toes in the end zone as he fell out.

How different would the ending be if it wasn't for Kurt Warner's intercepted pass in the end zone that resulted in the longest play in Super Bowl history. Just before the end of the half, Warner was intercepted by this year's NFL Defensive Player of the Year James Harrison, who ran 100 yards for a touchdown. No one could stop Harrison with all the great tackles that were being made.

Kurt Warner won the NFL Man of the Year trophy just before kickout. He almost came out with a superb Super Bowl win and possibly the Super Bowl MVP if the Cardinals could have held on for 2:37 minutes. The media has said that Warner will only make the Hall of Fame if he can win this Super Bowl. We think that Warner is worthy of the Hall of Fame even though he could not win this Super Bowl.

Congratulations to both teams for providing an emotional up and down game for their NFL fans !

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