Monday, September 15, 2008

Fraudulent Autograph Posters from Nathan Autographs

As a continuing effort to protect our customers and all other consumers seeking to purchase autographed sports memorabilia and Hollywood memorabilia, we try our hardest to seek out companies and individuals who proliferate the industry with their fraudulent merchandise.
One of the most prominent sellers recently that is selling fraudulent autographed Hollywood posters is Nathan Autographs.  This company has been selling their products on eBay and most recently on a liquidation site known as  They also have their own website at  They have been pursued by the FBI and by associates of Dave Prowse (famed Darth Vader from Star Wars).  They have been working diligently to have these individuals prosecuted and removed permanently.
Some of the known seller ids on eBay for Nathan Autographs is autographmovieposter, ojvintage, ed90723, brd1124, pantep1, mlictu973, and btatin453.  On, they are known as nathar466. 
Unfortunately, Nathan Autographs was successful in selling several of their fraudulent posters to unsuspecting businesses on  These forged autographed posters are now appearing on eBay.
If you have purchased any autographed Hollywood poster that has a Nathan Autographs COA accompanying it, we suggest that you contact your credit card company and have your money returned.  Also advise eBay or Liquidation that you have purchased one of these items.
Some other sellers that have been suspended for selling fraudulent autographed memorabilia can be found on the Official Dave Prowse website. 
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