Monday, August 4, 2008

Brett Favre Has Returned

It has been a while since we have posted any articles or commentary on this site.  We have been somewhat busy with adding great new products to our website for your enjoyment.
The last time we posted, we said farewell the Quarterback Brett Favre.  We were sad to see Favre leave the game of football after so many years, but anxious to see Aaron Rodgers take the helm of the Green Bay Packers.
Well, that was back in March.  That was a long time ago, but it seems like yesterday. 
Who would have guessed, that our next entry would be to welcome Brett Favre back?  That's right, as everyone knows by now, Favre has returned.  It has basically been the top story now for the last couple of weeks.  Almost to the point that it is getting annoying. 
It seems that it is still up in the air however.  Some reports are indicating that Brett Favre will be competing for the starting quarterback job.  Other reports are indicating that the Green Bay Packers contacted the Minnesota Vikings last Friday to talk about a trade.  This is after the Packers were upset that the Vikings allegedly were talking to Favre on his team issued cell phone. 
Either way, the sega will continue.  First of all, how do you think Aaron Rodgers feels now after thinking he was going to be the man in Green Bay.  Now he has to compete with the old man who is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  I bet he is just livid!
And if Favre does get traded, it will be the wierdest feeling ever to see him in a different color uniform after all those years.  Especially in Vikings purple.  I think Tarvaris Jackson better watch his back.  TJack just might be out of a job - at least for a year.  As of right now, TJack is probably the Vikes weakest link.  They beefed up both the offense and defense in the off-season.  With the right quarterback in there, they might just contend for a playoff spot and might just make it a couple of rounds. 
I'm sure everyone will continue to watch the newswire and see what happens to Favre.  Whatever happens, he better hope he can put up some good numbers because he did leave pretty much at the top - would hate for him to leave the second time on the bottom.
Good luck to you Favre!
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