Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pacman Jones in Trouble Again

It appears that Tennessee Titans Pacman Jones is at it again.  Will this guy ever learn? 
On January 3rd, at the Body Tap strip club in North Atlanta, Pacman Jones allegedly punched a female lawyer. 
Jones had been accused of stealing money and his entourage was "falsely accused" of owing a tab.  Jones apparantly was in the the manager's officer and reportedly lunged at the victim multiple times during a meeting.  Jones never made contact with the female victim until they were in the hallway.  While in the hallway, Jones reached around a security guard to "sucker punch" the woman. 
Jones was scheduled to return in March to the NFL.  This may not only be a violation of his parole, but the NFL and the Tennessee Titans may not want him to return.
Hopefully the security guard took care of Pacman for trying to punch a female.  It appears that Jones has no control or morals.  Hopefully the Titans will not allow him to play in 2008 or any time after that.
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