Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Vick Pleads Guilty !

It appears that Atlanta Falcons' QB Michael Vick has come to his senses.  As everyone knows, Vick is facing some serious Federal criminal charges for the dogfighting that was occurring on his property.  Several individuals were cooperating with the government and had taken plea deals.  We all know what that means.  They rolled over on Vick and gave him up.  At the beginning, Vick was not being very smart and denied being involved.  By doing this, he was looking at a trial and many many years in Federal prison.  But he came to his senses and decided to take a deal himself and cut the amount of time in prison to almost nothing.
No one is talking about what the plea agreement entails.  However, Vick may be looking at no more than a 1 year in prison.  This is where he came to his senses.  Do you take the chance and go to trial and spend the next several years in prison (which is where he deserves to be for the cruelty he placed upon these animals) or do you admit you were wrong and spend a year or less in prison.  He still isn't really admitting guilt though, as he is claiming the others influenced him.  Well, if you had higher morals, no one could have made the influence to torture and kill defenseless animals.
Even though Michael Vick may not spend much time in prison, he has basically lost his entire life.  Since the dogfighting also included gambling, this may keep Vick out of the NFL for life.  He will lose his career and the high bucks he was making.  He will also lose all of his endorsement deals as these high profile companies will not want anything to do with him.  Vick will also probably be facing state criminal charges which could also lead to jail time.
Because Vick will be losing everything, we all may end up supporting him when he goes on welfare.
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