Friday, July 20, 2007

Autographed Sports Memorabilia on eBay

Here is some recent news that we felt needed to be shared with our valued customers and sports memorabilia enthusiasts. 

There has been a rampant of fraudulent autographed sports memorabilia appearing on eBay.  Unfortunately individuals are buying these items and they are getting ripped off.  These sellers have been reported to eBay by various collectors but they have been allowed to keep their items on the site. 

Here is a brief list of those that have been reported to eBay.

Seller / eBay member known as favoritessc (also has an eBay store known as favoritessc-autographs) has been known to sell fraudulent items in the past.  Check out eBay item number 300117108886 which is an alleged NY York Mets autographed baseball signed by Pedro Feliciano, Tom Glavine, Pedro Martinez, Duaner Sanchez, Billy Wagner, Paul Lo Duca, Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Moises Alou, Carlos Beltran, Endy Chavez, and Shawn Green.  

The ball appears to have been signed by the same person.  If you check autographs of these athletes with items from Steiner Sports, Upper Deck, Schwartz Sports and other major authenticators, you will notice that the autographs do not match.

Another great fraudulent item comes from eBay seller Yeahandstuff and was listed under item number 190118707085.  As of today, this seller is no longer a registered seller with eBay, but unfortunately customers lost their money when they purchased these fraudulent items.  This item was allegedly autographed by Derek Jeter.  This is one of the worst Derek Jeter autographs we have ever seen. 


 Another seller that has sold fraudulent items in the past is seller magic*moments*.  Some of their fraudulent eBay listings include item numbers 160121351405 and 160121478406.  They claim to be a hobby shop and do their own certificates.  Please be aware of this seller so you do not get scammed yourself.

Another seller is Realgridiron (formerly known as Cheryl34446) with former items such as 260125596380 and 260125601055.  They have been known to sell fake Daisuke Matsuzaka and Derek Jeter autographs.  


260125596380                    260125601055

Realgridiron has also listed at least four fraudulent Peyton Manning autographed helmets. They have also gone by the names of perch7i2 and perch712.

As we continue to go through the eBay ranks we find seller mjk4143 with items such as 250125244855 and 250123654117. One of these items is an alleged autographed baseball of Derek Jeter as shown below:

Our next seller is known as Redhorde74 who seems to have an endless supply of Jeter and Pujols autographed cards from an unknown private collector in Ohio.  One of his latest items is 280136117933.  There have been reports of a forgery ring out of Ohio but we are not sure if this individual is associated with it or not. 

For a great article regarding forged autographed memorabilia, click HERE!

Here is a list of eBay sellers who have in the past sold fraudulent memorabilia, or are currently selling fraudulent autographed memorabilia:


























AAA Sports Memorabilia suggests that if you buy autographed sports memorabilia, or even autographed Hollywood memorabilia on eBay (or any other website) that you conduct some research on the authenticity before buying.  We are not trying to get customers to buy from us, we simply want to educate customers on the realities of the fraud that is occurring within the industry.  There are many many reputable websites and dealers to choose from and we hope that you are able to find exactly what you are looking for.

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