Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Super Bowl 41

The Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears clashed in Super Bowl XLI while the unpredictable skies of Southern Florida produced rain causing players to make sloppy plays throughout the night.

Even though the rain made for one sloppy and interesting game, it was still predictable as Chicago Bears Quarterback Rex Grossman faltered allowing the Indianapolis Colts to smother the Bears and win the ultimate game, with a score of 29-17. The Indianapolis Colts had not won a Super Bowl since they left Baltimore in 1984. This was also Peyton Manning's first appearance and first win which was overdue.

As usual, Grossman was inconsistent and became rattled when pressured. He threw interceptions to cornerback Kelvin Hayden and safety Bob Sanders in a span of less then two minutes. Hayden was able to return his interception for 56 yards for a touchdown. Grossman committed three of the Bears five turnovers and almost committed a fourth when he fumbled the ball but recovered it quickly to retain the possession. Grossman also had problems with his footing and was sacked twice on two consecutive plays causing a major loss in yards.

After the game, Grossman stated, "I'm going to get away from this as much as I can." He was asked where he was going and Grossman was only able to respond by shrugging his shoulders. Maybe it will be far from Chicago permanently as the fans that refer to him as "Bad Rex" and "Train Rex" may not want him to return.

Despite the Colts impressive defense that recovered five turnovers (with one resulting in a touchdown) and top performances by Rookie Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes (both combining for 264 yards), Manning received top honors by receiving the MVP Award. Manning threw for 247 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

Peyton Manning is sure to make the Hall of Fame after he retires as he has been an exceptional performer throughout his career and now has one Super Bowl title under his belt. Manning will surely return to the Super Bowl and will probably win more before he leaves.

Did you miss the commercials during the Super Bowl? Well, here they are again for those that missed them, and for those that want to see them again. Tell us what you think about these silly, and not so silly commercials. Click HERE to see the commercials.

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